Olympia for All gets 27 % in Election

New Compass contributor Marco Rossaire Rossi gets 27 % of the vote in mayoral election

Marco Rossaire Rossi is a contributor to New Compass who has written the book A Politics for the 99 %. Earlier this year we interviewed Rossi about his hopes to become the next mayor of Olympia, Washington for the small group Olympia for All. In November the election results showed that Rossi lost the election to Cheryl Selby from the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, Rossi got 27,4 % of the vote, which is perhaps surprisingly big considering that he's a progressive candidate demanding higher wages, participatory democracy and police accountability.

Election results mayoral election Olympia, Washington 2015

Image: Screenshot of the elections results showing the difference between Cheryl Selby and Marco Rossi. 

Here is a video where Marco Rossi present himself to the voters. He both emphasizes the demands in the Olympia for All election platform,  but also his personal credentials and abilities as a potential mayor.


In this video Rossi's opponent present herself. Cheryl Selby won the election with 70 per cent of the votes.

The voter turnout in the election was very low. Only 22,3 % of the electorate voted in the primary elections, but a mere 10,8 % voted for one of the mayoral candidates.