Must we be slaves to GDP?

Since the Second World War, a country’s Gross Domestic Product has been seen as the ultimate arbiter of economic health. But GDP actively thrives on human misery and hastens environmental devastation. How can we depose GDP from its statistical throne?

The Fallacy of Economic Growth

Economic growth, either Right or Left-wing, cannot solve the present social problems. Instead it strengthens capitalism and statist hierarchies, which only deepen the roots of the present crisis. A completely different paradigm is needed that will deal with the real causes of our problems.

The UK's EU Referendum: Never Again

Britain’s EU membership referendum was an argument among the elite that inflamed deep class divisions in the country while resolving nothing. What are the alternatives to plebiscite democracy that enable the public to attain trustworthy information and taste genuine power?

Movement, Mobilization and Participation

If we are to achieve a democratic transition to an ecological society, we have to engage in protest, local politics, already existing participatory processes and in building economic alternatives. Korsár and Malmström describe a four step program to do this.

Beyond Economism: The Prospect of the Commons

The phrase “time is money” is held as a common truth. This signifies the hegemonic role the economy has in our collective and individual lives. But with economic and ecological crises deepening, we need to think beyond economism.
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