The Rojava Embassy: Freedom and Form

In November 2016 the New World Embassy for Rojava was hold in Oslo, Norway. As opposed to conventional state diplomacy, this embassy was guided by principles such as decentralization, stateless and grassroots democracy, municipalism, democratic confederalism, feminism, and ecology.

Commoning and Factory Recuperation

The recuperation of factories does not in itself necessarily indicate steps towards liberation and deepening democratization. To avoid their incorporation into the statist economy or the capitalist market, the recuperated factories should be managed democratically by the communities in which they operate.
Donald Trump

America's Fascist Moment

Though the media did not take him seriously, Donald Trump is a bona fide Fascist. He capitalised on a Fascist moment in America, and widespread confusion about social and political identity. Trump’s defeat can only come through a fortified Left that is both radical and pragmatic

200 Kurdish NGOs closed down by decree

The Turkish ministry of interior have now declared that 370 NGOs and associations in Turkey will be closed down by decree; 199 of these are Kurdish associations. There is no legal way to response against this unlawful, arbitrary, antidemocratic attacks of the Turkish AKP government.

Revolution in Rojava

“Visiting Rojava was like a dream come true. It was what we had been fighting for all those years — a free society that administers itself.” Janet Biehl interviews the three authors of a new book — “Revolution in Rojava” — about their experiences and observations witnessing the birth of a new society.
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