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"We Are Not Disabled, We Are Being Disabled"

The fact that the self-determination of people with disabilities is a public issue today is not a matter of course, but rather the outcome of a movement which started forty years ago in the United States but which is still largely unknown: the disability rights movement. We have talked to Tim, a Berlin activist.

Democratic Energy and Climate Change

In her book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein demonstrates the limitations and disadvantages of centralized energy sources such as nuclear energy and natural gas, and argues for transition towards localized, democratically managed renewables that will prioritize human and environmental needs.
Janet Biehl's biography of Murray Bookchin

Learning from the Life of Murray Bookchin

Oxford University Press recently published Janet Biehl’s biography of Murray Bookchin, Ecology or Catastrophe. It claims to be both “a biography of a great thinker” as well as “continuation of Bookchin’s ecological and social call to arms.” Does it live up to these ambitions?

Should the Left support a Basic Income?

Basic income, an unconditional income paid to everyone as of right, has fast become a pressing political issue. What should be the attitude of the Left to basic income? The idea is not new. Fifty years ago, the psychoanalyst and socialist Erich Fromm delved into the likely effects of a guaranteed income. What were his conclusions?
Consent is… fucking required!

PorNo? PorYes? PorHaps…

What opinion should we have on porn? It is not easy. “We neither feel like listening to prude moralizers pointing fingers at allegedly pervy teenagers," write our friends in Routes Sucrées: "Nor do we like watching this society’s common sexism that continues to reduce women to sexual objects.”
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