Neither conspiracism nor technocracy

Neither Conspiracy Theorist Nor Technocrat

Conspiratorial movements and technocratic rule are perhaps the greatest threats to freedom in the modern world. Not because they are the worst of all possible outcomes, but because they are the most likely to succeed. How can we avoid the perils of both conspiracism and technocracy?
Academic delegation 2015

Statement from the Academic Delegation to Rojava

The Syrian civil war is not all about the Islamic State, the al-Nusra Front and the Assad regime; it also hides a bold social experiment. Last December, an international delegation of scholars visited Rojava to learn about the revolution, gender liberation and democratic self-government.
The Library of Alexandria

Enlightenment versus Reactionary Islamism

We are now at a crucial stage in history, as humanity faces another upsurge of reactionary Islamism in the form of IS and kindred militant groups. Can the traditional Western interventionist approach help us achieve and defend civilization, democracy, and peace?
Women's power

Toward a Communalist Approach

A new radical approach must adequately address the new economic, ecological, technological, and cultural challenges of contemporary society; it must be one of theory and action, one that goes beyond the historical and theoretical limitations of classical Marxism, socialism, and anarchism.
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