Movement, Mobilization and Participation

If we are to achieve a democratic transition to an ecological society, we have to engage in protest, local politics, already existing participatory processes and in building economic alternatives. Korsár and Malmström describe a four step program to do this.

Beyond Economism: The Prospect of the Commons

The phrase “time is money” is held as a common truth. This signifies the hegemonic role the economy has in our collective and individual lives. But with economic and ecological crises deepening, we need to think beyond economism.
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21 Theses for a People's Ecology

The Social Ecology Cooperative in Paris has presented 21 theses for a people’s ecology. This is an to formulate an “ecology of liberation” for the 21st century, by advancing a movement of the popular classes, those dispossessed by capitalist modernity on a global scale.
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Bookchin on the New Left

In these video interviews presented publicly for the first time, Murray Bookchin lively discusses his encounters with, views about and history of the New Left. He also talks about his experiences in France around the May-June events of 1968.

The Sharing Economy: An Anti-Capitalist Model?

Over the last years, the sharing economy has arisen as a new economic paradigm. It is often presented as an anti-capitalist model, based on access rather than ownership. However, the main sharing websites are making huge profits off of their users’ sharing activities. What does this mean?
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