Democratizing Education

Achieving comprehensive social change requires radical alteration of everything, including education. But most attempts to reform the educational system are limited. Education needs to be democratized through the introduction of alternative egalitarian and participatory institutional forms.
Women working at the Amarge textile Cooperative, Kobane

A Glimpse into Rojava’s Economic Model

In Rojava, women's cooperatives continue to spread, challenging the structures of capitalism and patriarchy. The cooperatives are efforts to radically democratize all sectors of society and to promote an alternative social and economic model.

Eight lessons from Barcelona en Comú

On 24 May 2015, the citizen platform Barcelona en Comú was elected as the minority government of the city of Barcelona. Here are some of the lessons that can help inspire and inform a radical new municipal politics that moves us beyond borders and nations, and towards a post-capitalist world.

Grassroots Democracy: The Communalist Model

Humanity stands at a crossroads. Only grassroots democracy at a global scale can successfully oppose the dystopian future ahead. If we look carefully, all the tools are at hand, writes Eleanor Finley.

Popular Assemblies Are Sweeping Across America

Large popular assemblies are forming and gaining steam across the United States. From Raleigh to Los Angeles, communities on the frontlines are building an independent social movement infrastructure for a coordinated fightback against Trumpism.
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