Turn the Tide light protest

Defying Apocalypse

For some, the prospect of a civilizational collapse is invigorating: the more dire a future we face, the greater the urgency of radical action. But for most people, facing the unthinkable is merely a path to disengagement and despair. If apocalypse is inevitable, why bother with activism at all?
PVD Funeral in Kurdish Syria

Is Obama’s Best Ally against ISIS a Force Associated with Bookchin’s Communalism?

The war against the Islamic State (IS) has brought Westerners’ attention to the North Kurdish freedom struggle. But radical Kurdish ideas of democratic autonomy have also become part of the culture of Rojava, or West Kurdistan, the ethnic Kurdish area situated in northernmost Syria.
Books from New Compass, September 2014

New Compass Publications September 2014

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Anarchist graffiti

Anarchism as Individualism

Anarchism is essentially a negative conception of liberty in its most abstract form, Murray Bookchin argued. Indeed, if the wild mix of anarchists today and yesterday all share one thing in common, it is their rejection of state coercion of the individual.
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