Mind Control or Social Control

Politicians are waking up to the prevalence of mental illness in society. But can the talking therapies they espouse ever hope to address the real causes of mental distress? Is a relentless focus on introspection and personal change the way to achieve a sane and healthy society?
Farmers and trade unions protesting against the EU India free trade agreement

International Day of Peasant Struggle

Peasants, landless people and family farmers have organized themselves in the international movement La Via Campesina to reclaim their rights, to defend small-scale agriculture and to have their voices heard at international level. Since 1996 April 17 is their annual global day of action.
Robotic arm as illustration to Zero Marginal Cost Municipality article

The Zero Marginal Cost Municipality

The extreme productivity of modern capitalism is often seen as the opposite of ecological sustainability. In his essay in Social Ecology and Social Change, however, Jonathan Korsár argues that democratic municipalities can use productive technologies in an ecologically and socially beneficial way.
Graffitti from Rio de Janeiro protesting the world cup

Social Ecology and Contemporary Urban Struggles

Social ecology has to enter into a dialogue with urban social movements, argues Federico Venturini in his contribution to New Compass' latest book Social Ecology and Social Change. Here is a short interview with Venturini and an extract from his essay in the book.
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