Democratic Confederalism and Feminism

In the latest publication from New Compass Press "Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan", we journey into the Kurdish regions of Turkey to learn how the Kurdish Freedom Movement develops an alternative social model. This excerpt from the book presents the feminist aspects of its struggle.

Nationalism and the Great Revolutions

During and after the great revolutions in the eighteenth century nationalist expressions did not have the meaning they often have today. What role did nationalism play in these revolutions, and how did these revolutionaries understand their actual patriotic allegiance?

Reality-Mongering Gets us Nowhere

Oxfam's recent anti-inequality campaign is a futile attempt to petition a deaf political system. Instead of believing that tax redistribution is the only way of reducing inequality, an assault must be made on the underlying relationships that produce the inequality in the first place.

What is Capitalism?

Life under capitalism is beholden to its own myths of work, prosperity, and progress. Understanding what the world was like before the rise of capitalism, and envisioning a different world beyond capitalism, calls for an examination of its myths and the structures on which those myths are built.
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