Against Obedience!

In New Compass Press’ latest book, Mat Little investigates the historical evolution of obedience, how increasing material abundance threatens the labour contract, and what a disobedient society might look like. In this interview he sticks his tongue out on the inherent authority of wage labour.
The Revolution Will be Hilarious is out now!

Bureaucracies, Markets, and the Loss of Municipal Citizenship

At the turn of the 20th Century, Socialists in the United States had considerable success in municipal elections. In response, “reform” movements making local governments more bureaucratic and market orientated emerged to prevent the Socialists from gaining power. As a result, the concept of citizenship was denigrated.

Trump's New Neoliberalism

Trump’s “economic nationalism” has been shown to be another side of neoliberalism, not its foil. Trump is dedicated to not only furthering the neoliberal doctrine of privatization, but also that of the economization of American racism

The YPJ: Why We Exist

The YPJ (Women’s Defence Units), the all-female Kurdish resistance force involved in the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS, boasts Democratic Confederalism as its guiding doctrine. The YPJ sent a message to a recent meeting on Democratic Confederalism in the Middle East held in London

O Robot Where Art Thou?

Thinkers going back to Karl Marx have stressed capitalism’s revolutionary transformation of the forces of production. Some now think incessant automation will be the system’s undoing. But can technology lose its menace? Can technology liberate, not enslave, humanity?
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