Image from the fire in AK Press warehouse

Fire Relief for AK Press and Friends

In the early morning of March 21, the building behind AK Press caught fire. Two people lost their lives. There was extensive water and smoke damage to other units, including the ones occupied by AK Press and 1984 Printing. Now they need your help to recover.
Cap on Debt: image from David Graeber's cover

Cap on Debt

Many radicals assume that capitalism simply means financial speculation, obscure bank dealings, monopolies, or interest as a way to garner income without work, in contrast to a market economy, which can be based on “honest” labor and fair exchange. But is this distinction valid?
Better world poster image for Social Ecology and Social Change book promotion

Social Ecology and Social Change – Out Now!

Our latest book is one of the most comprehensive anthologies on social ecology ever published. With contributors from both Europe and North-America, it covers a broad range of topics from utopianism and radical theory, to urban activism, energy generation and even the Italian mafia…
image of consensus assembly in Occupy Wall Street

Against Consensus, for Dissensus

Consensus decision-making: is it a radical liberatory idea with the power to challenge hierarchies or an unworkable fad? Is consensus worth defending if it reduces our ability to work together? What if consensus doesn’t really exist and chasing it only creates further oppressions and silences?
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