The return of capitalism's contradictions

20th century social ecology rested on a belief that capitalism had tamed its dangerous contradictions. But the 2008 crash and subsequent turbulence shows their resurgence. We need to adapt to a changed social and economic landscape

Sitting with the Public

- We refused to swear allegiance to King and Constitution, swearing it to the people of Lousame instead, says Iolanda Mato Creo, councilor of the Partido da Terra in Lousame (Spain). The libertarian municipalist party doesn't sit with the other representatives, but on the benches of the public instead.
protest stand in Istanbul

Resistance Against Istanbul's Megaprojects

In 2013, popular resistance succeeded in stopping the demolition of Gezi Park, one of the last public green spaces in the Turkish capital of Istanbul. Yet urban transformation and development projects have continued throughout the city at a dizzying pace.

The strange comfort of symptoms

In mental health, as in other areas of life, we are trapped by pseudo-explanations that try to alleviate symptoms rather than deal with the true origins of the problems that surround us. We should not shy away from a subversive and overly political approach to symptoms of mental distress.

Direct Democracy: Beyond Hierarchy

Through citizen activity, political consciousness can be created and show that direct democracy is a tool for finding and solving problems here and now. This article presents a proposal of direct democracy as a project that goes beyond hierarchy, representation and exploitation.
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