Olympia for All


Marco Rossaire Rossi, a contributor to the New Compass blog and author of our pamphlet A Politics for the 99%, is part of a group called Olympia for All who participates in the municipal elections in Olympia, Washington (USA). Three positions in the city council are decided in this years election. Raymond Guerra, on of the platform's candidates, did not make it through the first election round. But Rossi, who is the group's candidate for mayor, got almost 30 per cent of the votes and will be running in the second round with Rafael Ruiz to promote their vision for Olympia. Here is the group's electoral program.


There is no doubt that income inequality is one of the most important issues we face today. Nationwide, progressives are fighting for increased wages for our lowest income workers - and WINNING that fight. We believe Olympia is the kind of community that stands up for what's right. Help us fight for $15 in Olympia, and beyond!


It's simple. When we don't include everyone in our planning, we get plans that don't work. We need residents, businesses, social services - EVERYONE - at the table. This year, the City of Olympia is embarking on a major Downtown Master Plan - we ALL should have a say in that plan. It's OUR Downtown.


Budgeting, zoning, code review, long range planning, shorelines, density, heights, parks and sidewalks... Decisions get made at City Hall every single day that directly effect YOUR life. We want YOU to be a part of those decisions.


All over the country, and now right here in Olympia we see clear and undeniable proof that we need to change the way we police. A Citizen Justice Review Board, independent and public review of use of force incidents, body and dash cameras, and advanced deescalation and cultural competency trainings for ALL OPD staff are ways we can do better in Olympia.


  • Create an Environmental Advisory Commission for the city.
  • Make urban density, walkable landscapes, and smart city planning priorities from here on out.
  • Undergo a comprehensive citizen-led study of sea level rise, the impact it will have on our community, and what we can do about it.



  • Undergo a systematic review of ALL pedestrian interference and camping ordinances in order to gauge their effectiveness and relevency.
  • Institute a Homeless Bill of Rights to ensure equal rights to medical care, free speech, free movement, voting, opportunities for employment, and privacy.
  • Adopt the housing first philosophy of ending homelessness and shift funding priorities to programs that work within the housing first model. Let's end homelessness as we know it!



  • Pass an Inclusive Restroom Ordinance that requires all new buildings or major renovations in the city to include accessible gender-inclusive bathrooms.
  • Add “gender identity” “economic class” and “housing status” to the language of the City's Non-discrimination policies.
  • Mandate that the city produces a report on employment diversity for city staff every five years, and instructs city departments to adopt policies in order to improve diversity.



  • Ensure that ALL Olympians, and especially any new residential development in Olympia have easy access to parks and green space. 
  • Restore parks maintenance funding to adequate levels in order to maintain our current parks, and handle increased acreage.



  • Create an annual budget process that is participatory and engaging.
  • Require all new development projects to get feedback from neighborhoods before plans are submitted for code review.
  • Institute annual town hall meetings and State of the City address from the Mayor.



  • We're all about people having MORE access to government, and government being driven by the people. The Better Thurston movement does just that. We wholeheartedly support this movement toward a more direct, responsive democracy in Thurston County.



  • Increase funding to senior programs to ensure that every senior in our community has access to three healthy meals a day.
  • Work with regional partners to provide seniors with free access to public transportation and vanpool services.
  • Support zoning and incentives for senior living that is close to transportation so that seniors may live healthy robust lives.



  • Develop and institute an Olympia Youth Office, including a phone, desk, and staffer at City Hall and $100k/year annual budget.



  • It's pretty clear. The dam needs to come out, and the estuary needs to be restored. The lake is not a manageable nor cost effective option, and Olympia should encourage the State to do what's right for the health of the Salish Sea and surrounding environment.