New Compass is Expanding


Since 2011, New Compass has been one of the few places in the world where people can read about the ideas and practices inspired by social ecology and communalism. We have provided a social ecology perspective on current events such as the Arab spring, the revolts in Greece and Spain and the Rojava revolution, and we have published over a dozen books on topics such as Occupy Wall Street, climate justice, direct democracy and the philosophy of Murray Bookchin.

We are a small group of people with big ambitions. We are (mostly) proud of what we’ve done so far, but we need to grow if we’re going to be a voice that is heard by even more people.

So, if you’re interested in social ecology, sympathize with our political views and wish to contribute to our activities, WE WANT YOU! There’s no shortage of things that we can do differently and better in order to be recognized as the voice of social ecology within new radical movements. So we welcome your suggestions, skills and desires. Please write to us and tell us how you would like to contribute.

We have several concrete tasks that we need help fulfilling. Among these are:

  • Write from a social ecology and communalist perspective for our site. This can be anything from news updates on social ecology initiatives around the world, promotion material for our books, theoretical analysis, or comments on current events. One area we could improve upon is the publication of shorter pieces that don’t demand much in terms of research and writing.
  • Help us sell more books. Our published titles deserve a much wider readership, and we have exciting upcoming projects that require a lot of work. We need to get more people to know about our books: we have to make sure they are reviewed in the press and are physically available in bookstores, activist centers and so on. 
  • Improve our visibility on social media. We have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but both should be updated and attended to more often. We could also make great strides in using other media as well.
  • Organize events with us. At the moment we are planning a huge international conference on global warming and the need for system change in Oslo, Norway in February 2017. We hope to attract social ecologists from all over Europe to this event.

The Kurdish freedom struggle in Syria and Turkey and the disruptions led by direct democratic movements in southern Europe and Latin America have created a new interest in social ecology and communalism.

Help us stimulate this interest and to develop this type of activism and politics even further! Write us at and describe yourself, your relationship to our ideas and how you wish to contribute. We’ll get back to you about how it’s possible for us to work together.