New Compass Publications September 2014

Books from New Compass, September 2014

New Compass is a cooperative publishing venture that seeks to contribute to a free, secular, and ecological society. We present ideas on participatory democracy, social ecology, and movement building. 

We now publish two new books: Dan Chodorkoff's inspiring Anthropology of Utopia as well as a new and expanded edition of Brian Tokar's pioneering Toward Climate Justice. We also have two new pamphlets available: Marco Rosaire Conrad Rossi's A Politics for the 99% and Eirik Eiglad's Communalism as Alternative. Here is some more information about these publications:

Essays on Social Ecology and Community Development
By Dan Chodorkoff

How can we avert ecological catastrophe? How can we build community? What is the practical relevance of utopia? These are some of the questions anthropologist Dan Chodorkoff explores in his essays on social ecology and community development.

The Anthropology of Utopia surveys alternative ways of life that can help us create an ecological society. The solutions to our crises, Chodorkoff argues, lie within our grasp and in our own communities. Chodorkoff offers a wealth of stimulating practical examples, from both urban and rural communities, drawn from his life-long commitment to community politics, and also offers sober reflections on their lessons and significance for future ecological activism.

The Anthropology of Utopia seeks to unite our aspirations and our realities. It is not an academic treatise: it is a call for action. It should be read by anyone who wants to understand and change their community—and the world.

Paperback, 185 pages. ISBN 978-82-93064-30-5
Price: 19.95 USD; 12.95 GBP; 14.95 EUR
Contact the author for interviews, comments, or talks: danchodorkoff[at]  



Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change
By Brian Tokar

The call for Climate Justice promises a renewed grassroots response to the climate crisis. This emerging movement is rooted in land-based and urban communities around the world that have experienced the most severe impacts of global climate changes. Climate Justice highlights the social justice and human rights dimensions of the crisis, using creative direct action to press for real, systemic changes.

Toward Climate Justice explains the case for Climate Justice, challenges the myths underlying carbon markets and other false solutions, and looks behind the events that have obstructed the advance of climate policies at the UN and in the US Congress. This fully revised edition includes numerous updates on current climate science and politics worldwide.

Drawing on more than three decades of political engagement with energy and climate issues, author Brian Tokar shows how the perspective of social ecology can point the way toward an ecological reconstruction of society.

Paperback, 182 pages. ISBN 978-82-93064-08-4
Price: 19.95 USD; 12.95 GBP; 14.95 EUR
Contact the author for interviews, comments, or talks: btokar[at]

A Politics for the 99%
By Marco Rosaire Conrad-Rossi

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations were remarkably successful in capturing the public imagination and identifying the need for a new kind of politics. But they have since floundered. Why did this happen? Was the Occupy movement stifled by misconceptions of political power? What kind of political theory do we need to advance a new politics? How can we realistically challenge the power of the 1%?

Paperback, 70 pages. ISBN 978-82-93064-32-9
Price: 7.95 USD; 4.95 GBP; 5.95 EUR
Contact the author for interviews, comments, or talks: marcorosaire[at]

Communalism as Alternative
By Eirik Eiglad

What defines Communalism? What distinguishes it from other radical ideologies? What social and political alternatives does it offer? Communalism as Alternative answers all these questions: it presents a broad overview of this political ideology and suggests ways it can be translated into practical politics. 

Paperback, 85 pages. ISBN 978-82-93064-28-2
Price: 7.95 USD; 4.95 GBP; 5.95 EUR
Contact the author for interviews, comments, or talks: eiglad[at]

New Compass is a non-profit organization: we just want to contribute to the growth of a broad and bold social ecology movement. Contact us if you want to order many copies for further distribution; we offer greatly reduced prices to study groups and political organizations. We also aim to present all our publications as ebooks in the near future. Stay tuned for information.