The Revolution Will Be Hilarious & Other Essays

The Revolution Will Be Hilarious & Other Essays span from apocalypse to revolution, from the philosophy of comedy to the significance of home.

In this collection of essays Adam Michael Krause describes the environmental and political dangers we face, as well as the mechanisms that keep them in place, while offering ideas on how to extricate ourselves from this terrifying predicament.

We should transform self and society into something so egalitarian and open that anyone remaining on the outside looking in will have no choice but to want to enter. I wrote a book called The Revolution Will Be Hilarious. I wasn’t joking. A better world will be joyful and full of laughter. Bringing it into being should also be delightful.

– Adam Michael Krause

While moving between topics like Shakers, Shakespeare, Richard Pryor, John Brown, civil disobedience, the Book of Revelation, and the theory of relativity, Krause’s prose elegantly weaves a cohesive call to action.

He insists we meet the world with an open mind and learn from a wide variety of traditions. Indeed, if we want our descendants to actually exist, we must rethink our sense of community and foster our political creativity.

Table of Contents:
Author’s Introduction


2. What is to be Done?

3. The Revolution Will Be Hilarious

4. Buy the Land and Buy the Light

5. Time is Not Money

6. Walking Each Other Home


 Adam Michael Krause is also the author of Art as Politics.