Social Ecologist in General Strike in Oakland


Communalists and social ecologists around the world are active in the movements against bailouts for the rich and austerity measures for the poor. Hillary Moore lives in Oakland, California and has been involved in the Oakland assembly and the attempts to organize a general strike in her city. She is part of the board of Institute for Social Ecology, and has sent this inspiring message:

Hi Friends and Family,

I’m happy to share with you two beautifully crafted videos from Oakland’s General Strike that took place last Wednesday, November 2nd. A group called Making Change Media volunteered many laborious hours to pull together the people’s side of the story. It captures our numbers, our collective power, and our joy to be in the streets together. If you watched anything mainstream, you missed these big pieces.

I’m writing to ask that you pass these videos along to your friends and family, telling them why you think its important that people get this side of the story.

Wednesday was the most important day of my life, so far in my 26 years. I felt history in the air. To know you’re part of history is incredible. To know you’re making history with family is beyond words. I was part of a group that called ourselves LeftBay99, a coalition of folks for and of those impacted first, worst, and longest by our economic system. It was more than once that I glanced around our meetings, recognizing that the only reason we can bust out the planning of two huge actions in such a short amount of time is because we trust each other. This is the kind of trust built over years, decades even, that sparks visions for a better world. It was these kinds of relationships, the long-term transformative kind, that allowed me to really feel like I had a place to contribute to something so powerful. That’s one thing, too, that was lost in mainstream media: the building necessary, amongst many groups with different tactics and politics, to flex our collective power…TO SHUT DOWN THE PORT!!!!

Please forward videos widely.