Forthcoming book on Kurdistan


The book Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan - The Council Movement, Gender Liberation and Ecology in Practice will be published by New Compass Press later this fall.

From the book cover:

As its own contribution to a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question, the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Turkey has developed an alternative social model: Democratic Autonomy.

In the fall of 2011, a group of TATORT activists journeyed into the Kurdish areas to discover how the theory of Democratic Autonomy was being put into practice. Their interviewes discovered a remarkable experiment in face-to-face democracy—all the more notable for being carried out in wartime.

Since 2005, under the most difficult conditions, the movement in North Kurdistan has created structures for building a democratic, ecological and gender-liberated society. Its core consists of a system of councils in villages, cities, and neighborhoods. These structures do not yet offer a way of life that is fully independent of the nation-state and the market economy, but they nonetheless reveal a potent civil counter-power.

The interviews and documentation in this book provide stimulating first glimpses into the practical implementation of a left vision. The radical democratic awakening of Kurds may also serve as an inspiration for social change in the Middle East—and elsewhere.

TATORT Kurdistan (“Crime scene Kurdistan”) is a German network of peace and human rights activists who focus attention on the Kurdish question. They can be contacted at: