Democratic Energy and Climate Change

In her book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein demonstrates the limitations and disadvantages of centralized energy sources such as nuclear energy and natural gas, and argues for transition towards localized, democratically managed renewables that will prioritize human and environmental needs.
Janet Biehl's biography of Murray Bookchin

Learning from the Life of Murray Bookchin

Oxford University Press recently published Janet Biehl’s biography of Murray Bookchin, Ecology or Catastrophe. It claims to be both “a biography of a great thinker” as well as “continuation of Bookchin’s ecological and social call to arms.” Does it live up to these ambitions?

Should the Left support a Basic Income?

Basic income, an unconditional income paid to everyone as of right, has fast become a pressing political issue. What should be the attitude of the Left to basic income? The idea is not new. Fifty years ago, the psychoanalyst and socialist Erich Fromm delved into the likely effects of a guaranteed income. What were his conclusions?
Consent is… fucking required!

PorNo? PorYes? PorHaps…

What opinion should we have on porn? It is not easy. “We neither feel like listening to prude moralizers pointing fingers at allegedly pervy teenagers," write our friends in Routes Sucrées: "Nor do we like watching this society’s common sexism that continues to reduce women to sexual objects.”
Imrali prison gate

What is Happening in Imrali Island Prison?

While Öcalan’s and Imrali Island’s total isolation continues since April 2015, now two inmates have been removed from the island and isolated elsewhere. This gives rise to the question: What is now happening in Imrali? Is Öcalan’s life in danger?

In Turkey, the state doesn't talk—it only shoots

Last spring the Turkish government unilaterally broke off peace negotiations with the banned PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and then unleashed war on Kurdish militants. Here we bring you a powerful eyewitness account from Diyarbakir, a major city in the Kurdish regions of Turkey.

The Commons: Beyond the State and the Market

As an alternative that has been tried and tested in practice by communities past and present, the paradigm of the commons goes beyond the state and the market and implies the radical self-instituting of society, allowing citizens to directly manage their shared resources.

Community-Controlled Water in Bolivia

Marina Sitrin interviews Marcela Olivera, an activist in Bolivia’s Water Wars of 2000, about the movement's struggles and victories, about water as a commons, and how the communities around Cochabamba are managing their own water supply, directly and democratically.
Eiffel Tower Banner for Climate Summit 2015

The Paris Climate Agreement: Hope or Hype?

After every UN climate conference, participants seem to describe the outcome in widely divergent ways. This was apparent after the Copenhagen conference in 2009, as well as at the 2013 Warsaw conference. How are we to evaluate the Paris Climate Agreement?
People waving signs for Marco Rossi to be elected mayor of Olympia, Washington

"Our Real Goal Was to Create a Movement"

"I strongly believe that elections should be used to build movements, and not the other way around," says Marco Rossaire Rossi to New Compass. We asked him to reflect on Olympia for All's recent campaign, his own loss as mayoral canididate and future plans.
New Compass contributor Marco Rossaire Rossi gets 27 % of the vote in mayoral election

Olympia for All gets 27 % in Election

New Compass contributor Marco Rossaire Rossi ran as candidate for mayor for the platform Olympia for All in Olympia, Washington. They demanded a range of progressive reforms to the city. Rossi got 27 % of the vote and lost to Cheryl Selby from the Democratic Party.

Politics as Creation: The Greek Polis and Us

The success of the Greek polis democracy was that the Greeks knew that the well-being of the city depended on each and every one of them. Today, as the world is facing a challenge greater than ever in climate change, the well-being of the planet depends on every one of us: not as private individuals, but as citizens involved in political creation.
Change the world!?

Start with Yourself!?

There are some perennial discussions among political friends and flatmates, among them the question of how far your individual behaviour is able to change social relations. Here is an article about uneaten McDonald’s burgers, unworn H&M clothes and unbooked journeys.
Assembly during the participatory budget process under the Genro administration in RS, Brazil

Scaling Up Participatory Budgeting

Is it possible to scale up participatory democracy? In this long article we take a look at the attempt to install participatory budgeting at the state level in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It tells the story of what happened under two different governments and asks what can be learned from their experiences.
The PKK Ban is Hypocrtical

The Social Impacts of the PKK Ban

In Europe today, Kurdish people constitute one of the most organized and political communities. The terror-listing of the PKK by Western states criminalizes ordinary Kurds. However, this hypocrisy also contributes to the increased growth of a conscious, mobilized, activist community.