dimitri roussopoulos staring into the distance

“The People of Rojava are Staging a Social Revolution”

In February 2016 Dimitri Roussopoulos went to Istanbul as part of an international peace delegation. In this interview, he discusses the purpose of that delegation, the dynamic of Turkish-Kurdish relations, the social revolution in Rojava, the PKK and Abdullah Öcalan, the US involvement and the communities of Rojava.

Radical Organizing in the 21st Century

Today we are witnessing a deepening crisis of representation, affecting not only the political parties but also the traditional organizations of the left. Modern radical organizations should therefore adopt new ways of thinking and acting that are more adequate to the current reality.

Reykjavik Rising

During the last week the citizens of Iceland have been outraged with dishonest and hypocritical politicians. The insightful documentary Reykjavik Rising depicts and analyzes what happened the last time the Icelanders got fed up with their politicians, the political system, and the banking system.
Cover explosion for Adam Krause's "The End is Near"

The End is Near

New Compass author Adam Krause recently published a pamphlet on his new imprint Red Earth Press. It discusses the fact that just because people have been predicting the end of humanity for centuries doesn't mean we shouldn't take the environmental apocalypse we now face seriously.
Istanbul social ecology seminar

Social Ecology Seminar in Istanbul

On February 15-16, social ecologists from TRISE traveled to Istanbul to participate in a ten-member peace delegation. In Kadikoy the day before, at a seminar called “Social Ecology and Self-Management,” we discussed libertarian municipalism and the relevance of Bookchin’s ideas.

The Fundamentals of Social Ecology

Social ecologists see capitalism as a driving factor behind environmental destruction and climate change. But they also emphasize that there are other hierarchical social systems that sustain the environmental crisis. This is the first of a series of posts introducing social ecology.
The Jewish State is a Criminal Entity

“It's Their Fault!”

Antisemitism is one of the oldest and most persistent prejudices. Whether open and violently, or as a quiet opinion or attitude, it finds expression in everyday life, including antisemitic graffiti on the streets or synagogue walls, or in strange comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.
Judge Essa Mossa

Joint Statement of Peace Delegation

On February 14-16 a ten-member International Peace Delegation visited Turkey with the aims to promote the resumption of the peace process and to visit and consult Abdullah Öcalan who is currently detained and isolated at Imrali Prison. This is their joint statement.
Hatip Dicle fro DTK

DTK's Updated Proposal for Democratic Autonomy

In December 2015, the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) assembly met in Diyarbakir (Amed), where it discussed the following “Declaration of the Political Solution,” an update of the Democratic Autonomy proposal that the DTK issued in 2011. Here is what they suggest.
Image of Ocalan

Free Abdullah Öcalan!

On the 17th anniversary of the spectacular international plot on Feb. 15, 1999, in which Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was captured, civil war is tearing northern Kurdistan and Turkey apart. It is crucial now to reopen the peace process Öcalan initiated.

New Compass is Expanding

We are a small group of people with big ambitions. To fulfill our goals we need more people to take part in our activities. This can be anything from writing for our site, distributing our books, improving our use of social media or organizing events with us. Get in touch - we need you!
Illustration for disability article

"We Are Not Disabled, We Are Being Disabled"

The fact that the self-determination of people with disabilities is a public issue today is not a matter of course, but rather the outcome of a movement which started forty years ago in the United States but which is still largely unknown: the disability rights movement. We have talked to Tim, a Berlin activist.

Democratic Energy and Climate Change

In her book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein demonstrates the limitations and disadvantages of centralized energy sources such as nuclear energy and natural gas, and argues for transition towards localized, democratically managed renewables that will prioritize human and environmental needs.
Janet Biehl's biography of Murray Bookchin

Learning from the Life of Murray Bookchin

Oxford University Press recently published Janet Biehl’s biography of Murray Bookchin, Ecology or Catastrophe. It claims to be both “a biography of a great thinker” as well as “continuation of Bookchin’s ecological and social call to arms.” Does it live up to these ambitions?

Should the Left support a Basic Income?

Basic income, an unconditional income paid to everyone as of right, has fast become a pressing political issue. What should be the attitude of the Left to basic income? The idea is not new. Fifty years ago, the psychoanalyst and socialist Erich Fromm delved into the likely effects of a guaranteed income. What were his conclusions?