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The Disobedient Society

Mat Little
According to the neoliberal thinkers who define our age obedience is confined to the past. This is a complete misnomer. Obedience is stronger than ever. It’s primarily evident in the labor contract which is, in essence, the promise of obedience in exchange for wages, the means of life.
Cover image of "The Revolution Will Be Hilarious & Other Essays" by Adam Michael Krause

The Revolution Will Be Hilarious & Other Essays

Adam Michael Krause
Is the world coming to an end? And what can we do about it? In the face of today's ecological and political dangers, Krause insists we meet the world with an open mind and learn from a wide variety of traditions. Indeed, we must rethink our sense of community and foster our political creativity.

Political Ecology

Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos
Ecological activists aim for more than protecting the environment, Roussopoulos argues. How can new communities, new lifestyles, and new ways of doing politics bring about an ecological society? This revised and expanded edition highlights the relevance of environmental politics.
Cover: Capitalism: The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings

Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization Vol. II

Abdullah Öcalan
To understand how capitalism has come to engulf our world, we must understand how it developed out of classical civilization. Its historical roots lie in the emergence of hierarchies, power, monopolies, and the nation-state, argues Abdullah Öcalan.
Cover: Civilization – The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings

Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization Vol. I

Abdullah Öcalan
This is the first volume of the definitive work of Abdullah Öcalan, crucial for understanding the Kurdish revolution. These reflections represent the essence of his ideas on society, knowledge, and power. In this work Öcalan outlines a democratic alternative for the Middle East.
Social Ecology and Social Change

Social Ecology and Social Change

Eirik Eiglad
The ecological crisis demands a new politics. We must change society to reverse the damage human societies make on the environment. This anthology brings together a broad range of scholars and activists to address how we can develop a new ecological politics.
Cover of Eirik Eiglad's Communalism as Alternative

Communalism as Alternative

Eirik Eiglad
What defines Communalism? What distinguishes it from other radical ideologies? What social and political alternatives does it offer? This pamphlet answers these questions: it presents a broad overview of this political ideology and suggests ways it can be translated into practical politics.
Cover of Marco Rosaire Conrad-Rossi's 99% pamphlet

A Politics for the 99%

Marco Rosaire Rossi
Occupy Wall Street captured the public imagination and identified the need for a new kind of politics. But why did it flounder? What kind of political theory do we need to advance a genuinely new politics today? How can we challenge the power of the 1%?
Cover for Brian Tokar's Toward Climate Justice

Toward Climate Justice, 2nd edition

Brian Tokar
The call for Climate Justice promises a renewed grassroots response to the climate crisis. This fully revised and expanded edition shows how Climate Justice and the perspective of social ecology can point the way toward an ecological reconstruction of society.
Cover for Dan Chodorkoff's Anthropology of Utopia

The Anthropology of Utopia

Dan Chodorkoff
The Anthropology of Utopia surveys alternative ways of life that can help us create an ecological society. It offers a wealth of stimulating practical examples, from both urban and rural communities, and also offers sober reflections on their lessons and significance for future ecological activism.

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

Janet Biehl, TATORT Kurdistan
In the fall of 2011, a group of TATORT activists journeyed into the Kurdish areas of Turkey to learn how the theory of Democratic Autonomy was being put into practice. They discovered a remarkable experiment in face-to-face democracy—all the more notable for being carried out in wartime.
Against the Nation Front

Against the Nation

Robert Ogman
The collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 spurred a new anti-national movement in Germany. In this book, Robert Ogman covers the background and development of this political tendency, and its urge to organize society around other principles than nationality.

Recovering Bookchin

Andy Price
Murray Bookchin elucidated one of the first intellectual responses to the ecological crisis, but the end of his life was mired in controversies. This book offers a fresh look at the debates of the 1980s and 1990s, and discusses how social ecology is relevant today.
The Cover of Ecofascism Revisited

Ecofascism Revisited

Janet Biehl, Peter Staudenmaier
This republication of Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier's classic book—Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience—has been greatly expanded. This new edition comes with a new epilogue that provides an updated assessment of this historical legacy.
Front cover for Adam Krause's Art as Politics

Art as Politics

Adam Michael Krause
Art has become disconnected from life. Today artistic activities are reduced to commodities rather than integral elements in the fabric of our everyday life. What are the ways in which we can reverse this process? How can we make the arts a powerful force in healthy and vibrant communities?