Solidarity Initiative for Rojava


In Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan, a big social experiment is taking place, based on the principals of direct democracy, horizontalism, equality, solidarity and ecological balance. The Kurds have managed to change their communities to the core, even in a very difficult geopolitical environment fighting ISIS on the one hand and the Turkish state on the other.

A solidarity initiative aims to contribute to the reconstruction of Kobanê and to strengthen the liberation struggle of all cantons of Rojava. The campaign will highlight the political struggle of emancipation of the Kurdish people and contribute financial support to their fight for the survival and self-management of their communities.

We call organizations, collectives and groups to support and participate by e.g. organizing events and actions in their cities and contributing financial aid coupons. The campaign will end with a big co-organized festival in Athens, Greece, in September. See the campaign's website for more information.