Invitation to Assemblies for Democracy


Assemblies for Democracy are part of an urgently needed and unfolding conversation about how real democracy can be achieved throughout the United Kingdom. This spring, inaugural Assemblies in London, Manchester and Glasgow will not only map out the concerted attacks on social, ecological and human rights but also propose a variety of policy solutions and ideas to advance democracy.

London: March 28

Glasgow: April 11

Manchester: April 18

Registration is free.

This is the invitation from Assemblies for Democracy:

Come to an Assembly for Democracy this spring and take forward the growing movement for democracy. The General Election won’t address the absence of modern democratic and social rights for the majority. There are a host of organisations and thousands of people actively demanding and working for democratic change in the UK. Many are inspired by movements for democracy globally.

The Assemblies aim to share ideas, views and information and explore how these individual voices can become a movement for change. Working together we can begin to create a real democracy, where people themselves decide what’s best for their communities, towns, cities and workplaces. We hope that Assemblies for democracy will take off in every community, town and city and, inspired by historic struggles, begin to challenge the present undemocratic system.

Make your voice heard! Make a difference!

Twitter: @retakedemocracy

Facebook: Assemblies for Democracy