Fundraising for Political Struggles in Brazil


From "Commission of Parents and Relatives of Political Prisoners and Persecuted":

Fundraising Campaign to Support Political Struggles in Brazil

Document on the campaign to support victims of political persecution in Brazil, in particular with regards to the political mobilization of June 2013, which began as a protest against the increased price of transport tickets and continued with the mobilization against the FIFA World Cup 2014, several campaigns for better health and school system, various trade union and favela struggles.

This document is based on the #EuApoioOs23 (meaning "I support the 23"), press campaign drawn up by the Commission of Parents and Relatives of Political Prisoners and Persecuted of Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio de Janeiro the fight which began in June 2013 is not over. The year 2014 was marked by harsh political persecution which can be compared to those experienced during the military regime of 1964. The year 2013 will be remembered for the events started with the protests against the rising of transport tickets, which were then amplified as a response to police violence, the harsh living conditions in the favelas and the rising discontent towards the so called 'Megaprojects' from which only the usual few would benefit and the poor are displaced. During these demonstrations there have been numerous arbitrary arrests of which the most striking was the case in October 2014 when hundreds of people were arrested after they had been sitting on the steps of Rio de Janeiro City Hall at the end of a rally following a teachers' strike.

In June 2014, a year after the 2013 mobilizations that involved the whole of Brazil, forceful persecution against people involved in the struggles were implemented thorough interception, investigation and surveillance which involved breaking banking secrecy to gain access to sensitive information, coercive use of force by officials in order to obtain evidence, seizure of electronic equipment and, on the eve of the final of the world cup, the arrest of 30 activists.

The arrests of the 12th of July 2014 - just before the World Cup final of FIFA - marked the beginning of a severe and at the same time absurd trial. The prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro accused 23 people of having formed an armed gang even though some of the prosecuted didn't even know each other and did not take part in the demonstrations started in the previous year. It is clear that the only purpose of this trial is to criminalize any movement or action of a particular political nature. The trial is so absurd that Mikhail Bakunin figures as one of the prosecuted. 

The 23 defendants are persecuted for their ideas, opinions and desires for the future of the Brazil and the world. Among interception of dozens of people mixed with gossip and details of the personal lives of the 23 defendants, the files of the process has already reached 7000 pages. In summary this trial is an immeasurable waste of public funding which only seeks to silence any form of political protest. This persecution not only threatens the 23 defendants but also the entire civil society: a list of 70 social organizations between alternative media, Facebook pages of political satire and even web pages of the neighborhoods are also involved in the trial. In this scenario, the struggle of 23 people has represented and will continue to represent a fight for the rights of all citizens. 

In response to this persecution and to the general criminalization of activists involved in the movement the Commission of Parents and Relatives of Political Prisoners and Persecuted of Rio de Janeiro was founded. Although the 23 defendants are assisted by volunteering lawyers, the whole process still involves a series of costs for the copying and scanning of all the trial's documents, the copies of the DVDs featuring the interceptions and the lawyers' travel expenses. These costs - which are arguably made unsustainable on purpose - cannot be covered by the defendants' families alone. In addition to these costs we should not forget the expenses concerning the Commission of Parents and Relatives of Political Prisoners and Persecuted, which will always be present when called to discuss the persecutions, and the costs involved for actions and mobilizations in support of the 23 defendants. 

The costs for the above mentioned copies and scans amount to more than R$ 13,000.00 (approximately EUR 4,400) and because this figure continues to grow at the end of the trial, this costs will be much higher than now so we welcome any help from you to help us support many of the costs of the Commission which is usually based on sales in the flea market and donations; we rely on the help of all those who believe in the right of the people to fight for their rights, of all those who believe in the need for change in our society. Moreover, the defense of the 23 persecuted not only means preventing the Rio de Janeiro Judiciary to continue violating the law, but also to support the freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom of association. The campaign is not limited to the 23 prosecuted in this absurd trial. It extends to the criminalization of the right for people's political struggles. Therefore this movement is of paramount importance. To defend the rights of our sons, daughters and families and to defend the right to have rights, we ask you all for help and cooperation. 

How can you help the #EuApoioOs23 campaign? There are different ways and they are all very easy. You can help by taking a picture with the inscription of the campaign #EuApoioOs23 by printing the image or even writing your own message. You can also participate in our campaign of self-financing, which is extremely important to disclose the violation of rights suffered by social movements and help defray the costs of this huge process of political persecution. To do this you can deposit any amount directly into the bank account of the Commission. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will be a great help!

Lutar nao é crime! Struggle is not a crime!

Deixa passar a revolta popular! Let the people's uprising pass! 

Commission of Parents and Relatives of Political Prisoners and Persecuted - Rio de Janeiro

# EuApoioOs23

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