Climate Mobilization in Tunis, 23-24 March



Strategic meeting on mobilization strategies

23rd and 24th of March, in Tunis

The French platform 
« Coalition Climat 21 » brings together close to 100 French organisations – environmental and development NGOs, trade unions, social movements and local groups. It was established early 2014 to serve as the mobilization coordination space in the run up to the climate conference that is taking place in Paris in December 2015 (COP21). It’s a French platform but aims to coordinate with international networks to plan for mobilizations around climate change in the run up to and during COP21, in France, Europe and across the world.

The Coalition organised a first international strategy meeting in Paris last August with 200 participants from different continents. It proved very useful in bringing groups together, taking stock of what they were thinking, where there was consensus to move forward on, what decisions required further work as well as strengthen a common mobilization thread and narrative. Since, a number of discussions took place on the Coalition’s international mailing list, on teleconferences organised by the Coalition, as well as in Lima in December 2014 with the help of the Peruvian mobilization committee. See attached the finalized call to action which includes key mobilization moments in 2015.

As a coalition, we have identified the need for the international movements and networks to meet face-to-face a second time to discuss mobilization strategies in the lead up to and around the Paris climate COP. The Coalition believes this meeting could help move forward on key questions on the shapes and intents of the climate mobilizations from June to December, and hopefully, beyond.

We have decided to host this meeting on the 23rd and 24th of March 2015, in Tunis, to benefit from the infrastructure and logistics in place for the World Social Forum taking place that same week. We wish to extend this invitation to all groups involved in and preparing for mobilizations on climate change in 2015 and beyond. We hope many of you will be attend or provide thoughts in advance of the meeting. A draft agenda will be circulated two weeks before the meeting for comments.

Please bear in mind that we are also planning for a 3rd international meeting on the 14th and 15th of June, in Paris, to continue building and articulating mobilization plans and strategies the run up to the COP in Paris.

Juliette Rousseau
Coalition Climat 21 

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