New social media site for the left


An exciting new social media site oriented toward newtorking on the left has just been launched. From the website: "LeftPlace is raising funds for the creation of a comprehensive social media website for the 'left'. The need for such a website has been made clear in the global social movements of recent years, from the uprisings of the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement, where social media was a key organizing and communicative tool. These movements show the importance of having an online platform where people of like mind and like politics can come together across distance for dialogue, organizing, and information sharing. While popular sites like Facebook provide an outlet for sharing different ideas, they are not directed toward the social change work of so many of their members. LeftPlace would appeal to a broad base of leftists: activists, progressives, anarchists, socialists, organic farmers, permaculturalists, hackers and makers, feminists, anti-racists, LGBTQ, intentional communities and ecovillages, alternative schooling/parenting, immigration rights groups, unions, worker coops, environmentalists and ecologists, animal rights advocates, and more." Click here to find out more!