Joint statement from "the squares"



The working groups on economics of the popular assemblies in Madrid and Athens recently released a statement on the European debt crisis. This is a statement from the assemblies in Spain and Greece who have protested against their respective governments accepting the demands of the EU and IMF, and making the people pay for bad economical steering.

From the USA to Brussels, from Greece to Bolivia and from Spain to Tunisia, the crisis of capitalism is on the rise. A crisis caused by the same culprits who are imposing the reforms to get over it: pumping public funds into private financial institutions while forcing the citizens to foot the bill. Rather than lifting us out the crisis, their structural adjustment plans sink us even deeper in. 

From the beginning of the crisis we have watched while private debt was transformed into public debt, exemplifying how public profit-making ventures are flagrantly privatized, only to be bailed out with public money when they fail.

Every day new measures are taken, salaries chopped, unemployment rockets and young people leave the country. Yet the debt keeps on growing as the new loans are used to pay off the enormous interest owed to our creditors. The deficits of Greece and other countries in southern Europe are turning into the capital surplus of the banks of Germany and other wealthy northern countries.

Here is some of their demands:

  • Withdraw the Memorandum. 
  • Nationalize the banks. 
  • Make the accounting records transparent so the people know where the money has gone.
  • We demand people’s control over the economy and production.
  • No to the payment of illegitimate debt. This is not our debt. 
  • For real and direct democracy NOW.
  • For the defence of public interests. Not one sale of public property or services.
  • Let all indignados in all the squares join together.

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