Hasankeyf Youth Camp Organized


Hasankeyf Youth Camp organized


Between the 28th and 30th of September 2012 the Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive organized a "Hasankeyf Youth Camp" in the district city Hasankeyf which is threatened by the Ilisu Dam Project. More than 120 young people, mostly from around the affected region, participated in this camp directly at the Tigris River in order to discuss the impacts of dams and what can be done in the next months and years against the disastrous Ilisu Dam.

Activists from six dam affected regions from the Kurdistan region of the Republic of Turkey (except one non-Kurdistan region) introduced their cases and consequently discussed critically the dam and water resources policy of the Turkish state. It was first emphasized that the dams in the Kurdish provinces have additionally a political/military dimension. Then it was said often that dams are the biggest ecological threat in most regions of these provinces and in all Turkey. Further participants mentioned the needed efforts to have a better relation with the whole nature of which the human being is a part of.

Based on the discussions the second day proposals have been collected from the participants. Two fields stand in the focus of the participants. First: Comprehensive Information and Organizing of affect people. This is the basis for all other campaign aspects. Second: The media, especially the new social media, must be used more consequently.

The camp ended in a very good atmosphere and some new volunteers could be founded for our work, which is extremely difficult these days. Now, the Turkish companies and Andritz have just finished the tunnels and has announced to impound water. The time is running out. Time for more resistance...

Best regards,
Ercan Ayboga
Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive