Forthcoming: Social Ecology and Social Change


A new anthology, edited by Eirik Eiglad, is forthcoming from New Compass Press.

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How can we create a society that is ecological as well as egalitarian? How can we develop new forms of activism that are constructive as well as confrontational? How can we work for genuine social change? 

Social Ecology and Social Change brings together a broad range of scholars and activists to address conflict and change, citizenship and community, activism and alternatives. Taken together, they point toward a new ecological politics.

Social Ecology and Social Change is scheduled for publication in April 2015.

"Today, there is an urgent need for a new politics. We must change our society to reverse the damage human societies make on the environment. To do so, we need a practical and realistic approach that can transform our cities into being ecological and democratic cities."

—Dimitri I. Roussopoulos 

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