First Commune in an Arab Village Formed in Kobanê


The residents of the Girane village in the south of Kobanê have declared the formation of the first commune in an Arab village.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration and Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) of Rojava are continuing their efforts to form communes in the villages of Kobanê. A meeting was held recently in Girane village in the south of Kobanê to form the first commune in an Arab village.

TEV-DEM member Amed Kobanê, Society Defence Forces (HPC) member Cemil Hemze and villagers were present at the meeting. Following a minute’s silence in memory of those killed in war, Cemil Hemze gave a seminar about the mentality behind a communal life and the work done in the village to form the commune.

After the seminar, the commune’s co-chairs and 17 executives were elected for the commune assembly. Committees for education, economy, defence, peace and public services were also formed.
As is the rule, a man and woman were elected to be the co-chairs of the commune. In their speeches co-chairs Mihemed El-Mestûr and Menal Hemûd promised to serve the people and take their roles seriously.

40 families live in Girane village with most of them belonging to the Ebûlas tribe. Girane is known for being the last village liberated from Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in the south of Kobanê.