Communalist Summer Gathering in August



Following is an open invitation to a communalist summer gathering in Finland August 26-28 2011. New Compass encourage all interested in Finland and Scandinava to come.

Hello comrades!

Kommunalistien liitto is planning a communalist summer gathering for 26-28 August in Turku, Finland. 

You are welcome to join in this event!

 Due to time and space restrictions this gathering is for persons from Finland and the Scandinavian countries specifically. If you identify with communalism and social ecology, you are invited. Please forward this to others in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark that might be interested as well! 

Besides committed communalists from all of Scandinavia, we especially invite people in Finland interested and sympathetic to communalism. We will also make an effort to reach out to people locally in Turku with our ideas. The gathering would therefore have a focus on three different levels:
- Strengthening communalism in Scandinavia
- Strengthening communalism in Finland
- Strengthening communalism in Turku

Turku (Åbo) is a city where Kommunalistien Liitto have contacts but no communalist activities yet. One of the goals with this event is therefore to get some people interested in starting up some local communalist activity there. Turku is also a city fairly easy to get to with the ferry from Stockholm.

To make the most out of this gathering we would like to start the program already Friday morning and end it late in the afternoon on Sunday. How this succeeds though, would be depending on when people could arrive and when they have to leave.

Our program sketch so far include a lecture on the basics of Communalism; a lecture about political program making followed up by a workshop on how to make one; discussion about groups and organizations to co-operate with and a discussion about international co-operation between communalists.

Besides this the program is still open for your suggestions and contributions. We would be happy to see different people from different countries contribute with lectures or workshops on issues that concern them and that they think are important for communalists to discuss.

Generally speaking the program should meet the needs of the three different target groups/levels of focus: Scandinavia, Finland, Turku. The main language used on the gathering will be English, but to reach out especially to Finns we might arrange some things especially in Finnish as well.

Besides political discussion the program will of course also include hang out time and recreational activities, like swimming or just free discussion and getting to know people.

We will provide free housing and possible materials needed for lectures and workshops. Accommodation will be at friend’s houses. We expect everyone to join in food preparation and share those expenses.

Please announce your possibility to participate in and contribute to this event by sending a mail to before midsummer (June 24)! Let us know:

1. If you think it would be possible for you to come Friday morning and stay until Sunday evening or not.

2. What you would like to see happening at this event (ideas for the program)

3. If you would like to hold a lecture or workshop on a certain issue

4. If you have any special needs concerning food or housing that we should know of.

Yours in solidarity and revolution,
Mikko Miettinen, Svante Malmström and the rest of Kommunalistien liitto