Call for donations for Cizre



Rojava Assistance and Solidarity Charity and Cizre Municipality

THE TARGET OF THIS PROJECT The curfew in Cizre, province Şırnak, which started on December 14, 2015 and lasted 79 days, has demolished or burnt down thousands of houses which are unavailable now. The exact word describing the current situation of Cizre is that it is a wreck now.

Over 50 thousand people have been forced to leave the city during the clashes in Cudi, Sur, Nur and Yasef districts of Cizre which had had a population of 120.000 before the clashes.

According to the damage assessment reports of Cizre Municipality and other Non-governmental Organizations, over 10.000 houses have been damaged, 1100 houses are completely unusable, and all the household items in these houses have become unusable as well. The number of the houses uninhabitable in the short term is about 3.000. As repairing of the less damaged houses and making them habitable will also take months, we encounter a serious problem now.

The infrastructure in the district have been significantly damaged. After two weeks working, the repair of rain water drainage and drinking water pipe system have been largely completed.

Most of the families continues their life in damaged or less damaged homes. The Charity maintains delivering food help to the families returning back to Cizre who have migrated during the clashes.


According to observations and investigations of Rojava Assistance and Solidarity Charity’s executives in Cizre with the victim families and authorities of Cizre Municipality, it is specified that 1100 families are in need of refrigerator and washing machine urgently.

In Cizre, summer is very hot; therefore we have decided to organize a campaign for supplying 1100 refrigerator immediately.

We expect that you will support our ‘1100 refrigerators’ campaign and will be in solidarity with the families who have lost all their household items and homes, so that they can protect their food and drink cool water during the hot summer days.


We conduct the project of “A refrigerator to Each of 1100 Families in Cizre” together with Cizre Municipality. Rojava Assistance and Solidarity Charity, and Cizre Municipality officially guarantee conducting and accomplishing this project.


Each refrigerator cost around 400 € and for 1100 refrigerator the total amount is 440.000 €. In case of that you support our project, for providing the refrigerators we will get in contact with the refrigerator selling companies in Istanbul. We again assure that we will be in touch with you at the process of buying the refrigerators, we will distribute the refrigerators together with participation of your representatives and we will document all the process till the completion of the project.

Donation can be sent to the following bank account:
Name of Bankholder: "Rojava (Bati) Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi"
Bank name: Türkiye Isbankasi
IBAN: TR12 0006 4000 0028 3030 2128 85 (for Euro donations)
IBAN: TR03 0006 4000 0028 3030 2128 71 (for US Dollar donations)
IBAN: TR96 0006 4000 0018 3030 8933 06 (for Turkish Lira (TL) donations)




Rojava Assistance and Solidarity Charity was founded on 15 October, 2014, to offer direct support to the victims migrated from Şengal or Rojava and living in camps, as an inevitable result of Syrian War which had become increasingly severe in consequence of Turkey’s applications beyond its boundries disregarding universal law norms. Central Office is in Diyarbakır.

The Charity has branch offices in Ankara, Batman, Şırnak, Mardin, G.Antep, Ş.Urfa, İzmir, Siirt and İstanbul, and has representations in Muş, Bitlis, Dersim and Hakkari.

The whole managing staff and representations in the Charity conduct the activities volunteerly.

The Charity has started to food, clothing etc. help to the people whose homes have been demolished and who have been forced to internal migration within the region during the period of ongoing clashes in Kurdistan region since July 2015, and it still continues these kinds of works.


With the financial supports of Medico International, of which headquarter is in Germany, a Project was conducted for Kobanê Kanton. Within this Project a maternity unit, blood bank, oxygen production devices and an ambulance were donated to a hospital in Kobanê. In addition to this, to 870 families, food help for a month was delivered. An other Project was for the people migrated from Sur, Diyarbakır, in February 2016. With the support of the same institution (Medico International) food boxes for a month were delivered to 265 families.

The Costs of Help Projects Conducted for Kobanê
A maternity unit: 45.000 €
Blood bank devices, oxygen production devices and food help: 265.000 €
An Ambulance, divers medicines and medicals : 50.000 €
Food Help Project with Anatolia Cultural Foundation
A Project with the financial support of Anatolia Cultural Foundation from Toronto-Canada was conducted and within this project food help for a month was delivered to 270 families. The fund of this Project was $ 30.000 CAD.