Marina C

Marina C is a pseudonym for a writer who does not wish to disclose her/his identity.

Marina Sitrin

Marina Sitrin is a writer, lawyer, teacher, organizer, militant and dreamer. She is the author of Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism & Autonomy in Argentina (Zed, 2012) and co-author, with Dario Azzellini, of They Can’t Represent Us! Reinventing Democracy From Greece to Occupy (Verso, 2014).
Mat Little next to a castle

Mat Little

Mat Little (1969–) is a freelance journalist who has written for Red Pepper, the New Statesman and the Guardian. He is a co-author of the book, Public Service Reform, But Not as We Know It. He lives in Southend, Essex in the UK.
Picture of Matt Hern

Matt Hern

Matt lives and works in East Vancouver with his partner and daughters where he founded the Purple Thistle Centre and Car-Free Vancouver Day. His writing has been published on all six continents, translated into ten languages and he continues to lecture widely. He holds a PhD in Urban Studies and teaches at SFU and UBC.
Matthias Küntzel

Matthias Küntzel

Matthias Küntzel (1955—) is an author and political scientist who teaches political science at a technical college in Hamburg, Germany. He has written a number of books in German and English and a range of commentaries, speeches, and essays on Antisemitism, Islamism, Nazism and the Left.

Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement (Mezopotamya Ekoloji Hareket) is an ecology movement active in North Kurdistan and Turkey. They were formed in 2011, and are working for an ecological society which respects the rights of nature and rejects capitalist exploitation. One of their main objectives are the struggle against ecological and social destruction caused by neoliberal investment projects.
Picture of Michael Kimmel

Michael Kimmel

Michael Scott Kimmel (born 1951) is an American sociologist, specializing in gender studies. He holds the position of Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in New York and is the editor of Men and Masculinities. Kimmel is a spokesperson of NOMAS (The National Organization For Men Against Sexism).

Michael Speitel

Michael Speitel (1985-) lives in northwest Arkansas, U.S.A. Galvanized by the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, Michael became increasingly interested in the relevancy of social ecology and the writings of Murray Bookchin in 2006. He is currently working on a local social ecology group in Arkansas.
Picture of Mike Small

Mike Small

Mike Small is an activist, writer & publisher originally from Aberdeen. He is a social ecologist, Scottish socialist and republican.
Murray Bookchin in Vermont

Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin (1921—2006) was a pioneer of the ecology movement, and was a significant social theorist on the Left throughout his life. Bookchin published more than twenty books on political and philosophical issues, where he developed the concepts of Social Ecology and Communalism.
Portrait of Nesrin Abdullah

Nesrin Abdullah

Nesrin Abdullah is general commander and spokesperson of the Women's Protection Units, YPJ (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Jin‎ê). She is a former freelance journalist from Qamishli in Rojava, western Kurdistan, northern Syria. As spokesperson of the YPJ she has visited Europe in 2015 and 2016. Through public meetings and meetings with politicians and officials she has sought support from the public and the international community in the fight agains the Islamic State.
Nina Perkowski

Nina Perkowski

Nina Perkowski is completing a PhD in Politics at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on EU external border controls. She has volunteered with migrants and asylum seekers in Germany and Italy, and spent three months monitoring migrants’ rights for borderline-europe in Sicily in 2012.

Oscar Reyes

Oscar Reyes is an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and lives in Barcelona.
Image of Peter Bierl

Peter Bierl

Author, Journalist
Peter Bierl is a German journalist and independent scholar. More info to come.

Peter Staudenmaier

Peter Staudenmaier (1965-) lives in Wisconsin. He has been an active participant in various social and ecological movements in the United States and Germany for over two decades. He is Professor of modern German history at the Marquette University.