Hilary Moore

Moore is a core organizer with Rising Tide Bay Area and a founding organizer of the Mobilization for Climate Justice West, a grassroots alliance of organizations in the Bay Area dedicated to keeping frontline communities at the forefront of the struggle while advancing community-led solutions

Ingerid S. Straume

Ingerid S. Straume holds a PhD in the philosophy of education, with a thesis (in Norwegian) on the work of philosopher and psychoanalyst Cornelius Castoriadis. She is a writer of political and social theory and works as a subject specialist at the Library of the Humanities and the Social Sciences at the University of Oslo, Norway. She also teaches educational theory and acacemic writing. Member of Concerned Scientists, Norway and ATTAC.
image of Jacob Stringer

Jacob Stringer

Jacob Stringer lives in London, blogs on political organising and is an occasional journalist. He recently wrote a novel, 99% Darkness, in the aftermath of the Occupy and 15M movements ( His current interest is radical co-operatives as a path towards increased self-management in daily life.
Janet Biehl in Rojava

Janet Biehl

Janet Biehl (1953—) is an author, copy editor, and graphic artist living in Burlington, Vermont. She used to be active in the Burlington Greens and the Left Green Network, and for more than two decades she was involved with popularizing and developing the theory and politics of social ecology.
Jonathan Korsar

Jonathan Korsár

Jonathan Korsár (1979-) lives in Uppsala, Sweden. He is an environmental rights activist and currently involved in energy and transport issues in Sweden. He also participates in various educational efforts concerned with climate justice and citizen journalism.
Picture of Joris Leverink

Joris Leverink

Joris Leverink is a freelance writer, journalist and editor for the online publication ROAR Magazine and columnist for TeleSUR English. He is currently living in Istanbul and has a background in cultural anthropology and political economy. Check out his articles in ROAR Magazine. 
Joshua Kahn Russel

Joshua Kahn Russell

Kahn Russell is an organizer serving movements for social justice and ecological balance. He is an action coordinator, facilitator, & trainer with the Ruckus Society, and has trained thousands of activists
Photo of Jyri Jaakkola

Jyri Jaakkola

Jyri Antero Jaakkolai was a member of the Finnish grassroots ecology organization Hyökyaalto as well as of Climate Justice Action, and was engaged in the broader libertarian movement in Finland.

Ken Furan

Ken Furan is a pseudonym for a writer who does not wish to disclose her/his identity.
Image of Kjetil B. Simonsen

Kjetil B. Simonsen

Kjetil Simonsen (1981-) lives in Oslo. He is a historian with a speciality in the history of Anti-Semitism, Fascism, Conspiracism and Right Wing-Nationalism, and he has written several articles about these subjects.

Konstantinos Peris

Konstantinos Peris (1983-) lives in Buenos Aires. He has studied Political Science and International Relations in Italy and he is now finishing his Master’s Degree on Integration Studies between South American States in Argentina.

László Bitó

In ’56 László Bitó escaped from Hungary to New York, where he earned a Ph.D. in Medical Cell Biology and Biophysics at Columbia University. Upon retirement from Columbia as Emeritus Professor, he has returned to his native Hungary and started a second career as a novelist and journalist.

Manuela Zechner

Manuela Zechner is a researcher, cultural worker and translator.

Marco Rosaire Rossi

Marco Rosaire Rossi is a part-time writer and activist living Olympia, Washington, USA. Rossi has studied political science and human rights and has had previous work published in the Humanist Magazine and Z Magazine.

Marina C

Marina C is a pseudonym for a writer who does not wish to disclose her/his identity.