Routes Sucrées

Activist collective, journal
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Routes sucrées is an inter-/antinational leftist magazine that is being distributed for free in English-speaking countries. It focuses on providing undogmatic food for thought for a liberated society—one free of capitalism, sexism, homophobia, the state, racism and other forms of domination. One that we, for lack of a better name, would call communism.

Routes sucrées is the "little sister" of a German youth magazine entitled Straßen aus Zucker, which has a circulation of 180,000 copies and has been in existence for nearly 5 years. The newly launched English version will begin with 30,000 copies distributed via info shops, autonomous centers, activist gatherings as well as conferences and panel discussions. With it, we wish to further an international debate on how to bring about emancipation. Unlike a lot of leftist magazines we try to break information down into a form that’s easy to understand yet doesn‘t oversimplify.

We are not affiliated with any party or large organization, we are a dedicated volunteer-run collective of individuals and people from the undogmatic left-communist group "TOP—Theory, Organisation, Practice." Our project has provided an important platform for left debates in the German-speaking world. We hope to continue this with our comrades, friends and allies from abroad! Get in touch: info [at]

TOP (Theory. Organisation. Praxis) is a Berlin-based antifascist, anti-capitalist group. They are part of the  “…ums Ganze!” alliance which consists of more than ten groups from all over Germany and Austria. To get in touch with them write to mail [at] and check out

Check out Strassen aus Zucker here, and find past issues in English here.