Mike Small

Picture of Mike Small

Mike Small is an activist, writer & publisher originally from Aberdeen. He is a social ecologist, Scottish socialist and republican. He was the founder of Product magazine (first launched as Red Herring in 1998) as well as one of the group behind Indymedia Scotland. He worked with Murray Bookchin in Vermont in the mid 1990s before returning to Scotland. He is a specialist in generalism and has written and taught widely on civics and generalism, particularly the work of the polymath Patrick Geddes (1854–1932).

Published work includes: A Vigorous Institution: The Living Legacy of Patrick Geddes', Luath Press (2007), Universalism and the Genus Loci: Geddes in Cyprus, Italy, Catalonia and Japan . 'Systemic Complexity and Eco-Sustainable Development' Edited by Ivano Spano and Dario Padovan (2001), Padua, Italy - June 2001, Local Development as a Strategic Alternative. He is behind the Fife Diet local eating experiment, which aims to relocalise food production and distribution on a regional basis as a response to globalisation and climate change. He has written for Lobster magazine and Variant magazineThe Guardian newspaper and Open Democracy . He is currently editor of Bella Caledonia and writing a book on food & climate justice.