Jyri Jaakkola

Photo of Jyri Jaakkola

Jyri Antero Jaakkolai (1977–2010) was a member of the Finnish grassroots ecology organization Hyökyaalto as well as of Climate Justice Action, and was engaged in the broader libertarian movement in Finland. 

With social ecologists, Jyri worked particularly with the TKE—Työryhmä kommunalismin edistämiseksi Suomessa  (The Working Group for Communalism in Finland)—since its inception, and was on comradely terms with the later, more firmly organized Kommunalismin Liitto. More practically, Jyri also worked with a fair trade cooperative in Turku and with direct solidarity work for African and Latin American communities.  The last year of his life, Jyri focused on climate activism and on solidarity with the indigenous grassroots resistance in Oaxaca and Chiapas: Jyri went to Oaxaca early 2010 where he helped out with an aid caravan that was ambushed by paramilitaries, and Jyri was shot dead April 27, 2010.