Ben Grosscup


Ben Grosscup has a BA in anthropology of science and technology at Hampshire College, focusing on questions of democracy and technology. He currently works as a community organizer with the Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter. Based in Western Massachusetts, he serves on the board of the ISE.

Ben is an alumnus of the Institute for Social Ecology where he studied from 2001-2003. During that time, he also interned as a community organizer with the ISE Biotechnology Project. He was the organizer the 2005 Social Ecology Intensive Colloquium, and has been organizing the annual Social Ecology Colloquiums regularly since 2007. Grosscup has been organizing the Massachusetts Town-to-Town Campaign on genetic engeneering ,and he is an elected member of Amherst Town Meeting, who has passed the Bring the War Dollars Home Resolution in 2011.