Press release by the YPG command of Kobanê

Kobanê Victory Marks the Beginning of the End

The embattled Kobanê is now liberated from ISIS. “Let ISIS know that just as the homes of Kobanê became their graves our villages too will become their graves," said YPG Kobanê commander Mahmut Berxwedan. "Our victory is the beginning of the end of ISIS in this world.”
Neither conspiracism nor technocracy

Neither Conspiracy Theorist Nor Technocrat

Conspiratorial movements and technocratic rule are perhaps the greatest threats to freedom in the modern world. Not because they are the worst of all possible outcomes, but because they are the most likely to succeed. How can we avoid the perils of both conspiracism and technocracy?
Academic delegation 2015

Statement from the Academic Delegation to Rojava

The Syrian civil war is not all about the Islamic State, the al-Nusra Front and the Assad regime; it also hides a bold social experiment. Last December, an international delegation of scholars visited Rojava to learn about the revolution, gender liberation and democratic self-government.
The Library of Alexandria

Enlightenment versus Reactionary Islamism

We are now at a crucial stage in history, as humanity faces another upsurge of reactionary Islamism in the form of IS and kindred militant groups. Can the traditional Western interventionist approach help us achieve and defend civilization, democracy, and peace?
Women's power

Toward a Communalist Approach

A new radical approach must adequately address the new economic, ecological, technological, and cultural challenges of contemporary society; it must be one of theory and action, one that goes beyond the historical and theoretical limitations of classical Marxism, socialism, and anarchism.
YPJ fighters

Consensus is Key: New Justice System in Rojava

In May 2014 TATORT Kurdistan’s delegation to Rojava (North Syria / West Kurdistan) spent almost four weeks in the region of Cizîre to explore the political situation and various aspects of self-management. Ercan Ayboğa gives this account of the postrevolutionary justice system in Rojava.
Picture of women fighters from Rojava

Democratic Autonomy in Rojava

Starting in 2012 a communalist social system has been in the process of transforming Rojava (West Kurdistan, or Syrian Kurdistan). This firsthand account of the institutions of that transformation was written in the early summer of 2014 and thus before the current war.
Anarchist protestors against the police

Anarchism, Power, and Government

No society can exist without an orderly way of administering itself: this necessarily implies government and regulation. Still, most left-libertarians dismiss every government as a state. What distinguishes the politics of social ecology from anarchism?
Turn the Tide light protest

Defying Apocalypse

For some, the prospect of a civilizational collapse is invigorating: the more dire a future we face, the greater the urgency of radical action. But for most people, facing the unthinkable is merely a path to disengagement and despair. If apocalypse is inevitable, why bother with activism at all?
PVD Funeral in Kurdish Syria

Is Obama’s Best Ally against ISIS a Force Associated with Bookchin’s Communalism?

The war against the Islamic State (IS) has brought Westerners’ attention to the North Kurdish freedom struggle. But radical Kurdish ideas of democratic autonomy have also become part of the culture of Rojava, or West Kurdistan, the ethnic Kurdish area situated in northernmost Syria.
Books from New Compass, September 2014

New Compass Publications September 2014

New Compass is a cooperative publishing venture that seeks to contribute to a free, secular, and ecological society. We present ideas on participatory democracy, social ecology, and movement building. These days we publish several new books and pamplets: check them out!
Anarchist graffiti

Anarchism as Individualism

Anarchism is essentially a negative conception of liberty in its most abstract form, Murray Bookchin argued. Indeed, if the wild mix of anarchists today and yesterday all share one thing in common, it is their rejection of state coercion of the individual.
Green leaves, pic by Camilla Skriung

Green fingers, red stockings

Ecofeminists see feminism and ecology as two sides of the same coin. In order to liberate women, we must therefore change our views on the relationship between humans and nature. Read this intro to ecofeminism, originally published in the magazine Fett.
Unsere Netz Demonstration

Hamburg Buys its Energy Grid Back

"Energy supply is a basic public service that should not serve profit motives," says the civil society-led alliance “Our Hamburg – Our Grid.” They called the citizens to action and campaigned for years for the successful buyback of the energy grid in the city.

Democratic Confederalism and Feminism

In the latest publication from New Compass Press "Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan", we journey into the Kurdish regions of Turkey to learn how the Kurdish Freedom Movement develops an alternative social model. This excerpt from the book presents the feminist aspects of its struggle.