image of consensus assembly in Occupy Wall Street

Against Consensus, for Dissensus

Consensus decision-making: is it a radical liberatory idea with the power to challenge hierarchies or an unworkable fad? Is consensus worth defending if it reduces our ability to work together? What if consensus doesn’t really exist and chasing it only creates further oppressions and silences?
Street view in Amed (Diyarbakir)

Toward Green Kurdish Cities

Public transportation, small-scale organic farming, walkable neighborhoods, and solar energy can be key steps toward an ecological society in Kurdistan and elsewhere. Decentralization is crucial to this process and, eventually, also to the process of establishing democratic self-government.

Naomi Klein Connects Climate to Democracy

In her most recent book – This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate – Naomi Klein writes that it is not possible to save the climate without installing a participatory democracy. We provide an overview of Klein's arguments for a democratic people’s recovery.
System change, not climate change

Democracy is the Only Alternative

What is most needed to address climate change and the environmental problems is to create new forms of social and political organization. The strategy of the environmental movement should therefore be to seize or create democratic power in order to create serious, political alternatives.

Applied Mycology in Horticulture and Agriculture

Today, when the world is running out of mineral phosphorus and climate change is threatening agricultural practices worldwide, Atle Hesmyr argues that the implementation of mycorrhizal symbiosis is crucial for organic horticulturalists and farmers around the world.

Rojava's Threefold Economy

Rojava is going through difficult times. We have spoken to Abdurrahman Hemo, the adviser for economic development for Cizîre canton. Hemo explained what he called Rojava’s three parallel economies: the community economy, the war economy, and the open economy.
International Initiative for Free Öcalan

Öcalan: 40 Years of Struggle and Resistance

Abdullah Öcalan is now 66 years old and has spent the last 16 years on a Turkish island prison in the sea of Marmara. His life is one of struggle and resistance. Havin Güneser explains the International Initiative to free Öcalan and achieve peace in Kurdistan.
Demonstration in Berlin against TTIP

A Peace Treaty Against the People

TTIP is the new trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated between the EU and the US. It has been called a “Peace Treaty” but it is actually a declaration of war against democracy. This is why it has prompted European civil society to mobilize millions.
Teacher from Rojava

Revolutionary Education in Rojava

After the revolution of July 2012, when new self-governing institutions came to power in Rojava, the need for a new kind of education was paramount. We should learn to educate ourselves and exercise self-rule as a collective practice, says Rojavan revolutionaries.
MST demo in Brazil

Democratization Through Land Occupation

In Brazil, the MST struggles for general land redistribution through the implementation of a national agrarian reform. To achieve this aim, their primary strategy has been to occupy arable lands for its members, before eventually building permanent settlements.
New Building Bricks

Scaling Up: Ideas about Participatory Democracy

A common objection against participatory democracy is that it is a beautiful idea, but that it can only work on a small scale. We take a look at some contrary perspectives on how participation can work on the big scale, involving millions of people.

Sortition and Direct Democracy

Sortition as an organic part of direct democracy is suited for facilitating the administration of larger areas, while preventing the emergence of hierarchies. In combination with the institution of the general assembly it can help build sustainable democratic processes and promote active citizenship.
Photo by Sergio Espin

Let's Win Back Barcelona!

Guanyem Barcelona is a citizen platform that has embarked on a mission to solve the current Spanish political crises with their own hands. This increasingly popular political movement aims to remove power from elites and bring democracy to the people.

The First Kobanê

Kobanê deserves all its praise. Yet Kobanê was not the first place where the Rojava’s defense forces beat back fanatical, murderous armed jihadists. In November 2012, Jabhat al Nusra attacked and occupied the city of Serê Kaniyê, but YPG threw off that occupation as well.
Neighborhood meeting, Qamishlo

Rojava's Communes and Councils

Instead of an independent state, the citizens of Rojava prefer autonomy. The solution, they say, has to be at the grassroots level, and they have built their democracy so that people of different nationalities live and work together, in a free political system that rests profoundly on communes.