Busy urban streets

The Ecology of Freedom in the Democratic City

How can we face the urban future? How can we remake our cities? How can we recreate a balance between town and country? In this brief comment, Janet Biehl presents the vision of a participatory, urban future where people, as active citizens can manage themselves through face-to-face democracy.
Mao is the Sun

There is No Progressive Nationalism

Many on the Left advance nationalism and the nation-state as a bulwark against imperialism. This is a dangerous fallacy. Maoism, Leninism, and "anti-imperialism" is destructive for the Left today—like it was in the 1970s—as it bars the development of a truly internationalist and humanist Left.
Demonstration for "System Change not Climate Change"

9 Arguments for Democracy

Global warming has made many environmentalists believe that democracy is too slow and complicated to solve the climate crisis. Some argue that what we need is wartime mobilization and a strong global leadership with excessive powers. This belief is deeply flawed and dangerous.

What is Our Purpose?

As we have entered a new century we face great crises both in society and in the natural world. Today we are not only still witnessing poverty, hunger and devastating wars: enormous environmental dislocations even threaten the stability of the planetary climate and vital ecological processes.