Against Obedience!

In New Compass Press’ latest book, Mat Little investigates the historical evolution of obedience, how increasing material abundance threatens the labour contract, and what a disobedient society might look like. In this interview he sticks his tongue out on the inherent authority of wage labour.

Bureaucracies, Markets, and the Loss of Municipal Citizenship

At the turn of the 20th Century, Socialists in the United States had considerable success in municipal elections. In response, “reform” movements making local governments more bureaucratic and market orientated emerged to prevent the Socialists from gaining power. As a result, the concept of citizenship was denigrated.

Trump's New Neoliberalism

Trump’s “economic nationalism” has been shown to be another side of neoliberalism, not its foil. Trump is dedicated to not only furthering the neoliberal doctrine of privatization, but also that of the economization of American racism

The YPJ: Why We Exist

The YPJ (Women’s Defence Units), the all-female Kurdish resistance force involved in the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS, boasts Democratic Confederalism as its guiding doctrine. The YPJ sent a message to a recent meeting on Democratic Confederalism in the Middle East held in London

O Robot Where Art Thou?

Thinkers going back to Karl Marx have stressed capitalism’s revolutionary transformation of the forces of production. Some now think incessant automation will be the system’s undoing. But can technology lose its menace? Can technology liberate, not enslave, humanity?
Fire at Full Moon, 1933

The Value of Self-limitation

Real democracy does not mean that “it is forbidden to forbid”, but that the norms and the laws which regulate our lives are made by the members of the community not by some extra-societal entity. In this article Yannis Ktenas highlights the importance of self-limitation in a direct democracy.
People's Global Climate Action

Climate Diplomacy and Climate Action: What Now?

Just over a year ago, diplomats from around the world were celebrating the final ratification of the December 2016 Paris Agreement, proclaimed to be the first globally inclusive step toward a meaningful climate solution. But far more questions than answers surround this agreement.

Democratizing Education

Achieving comprehensive social change requires radical alteration of everything, including education. But most attempts to reform the educational system are limited. Education needs to be democratized through the introduction of alternative egalitarian and participatory institutional forms.
Women working at the Amarge textile Cooperative, Kobane

A Glimpse into Rojava’s Economic Model

In Rojava, women's cooperatives continue to spread, challenging the structures of capitalism and patriarchy. The cooperatives are efforts to radically democratize all sectors of society and to promote an alternative social and economic model.

Eight lessons from Barcelona en Comú

On 24 May 2015, the citizen platform Barcelona en Comú was elected as the minority government of the city of Barcelona. Here are some of the lessons that can help inspire and inform a radical new municipal politics that moves us beyond borders and nations, and towards a post-capitalist world.

Grassroots Democracy: The Communalist Model

Humanity stands at a crossroads. Only grassroots democracy at a global scale can successfully oppose the dystopian future ahead. If we look carefully, all the tools are at hand, writes Eleanor Finley.

Popular Assemblies Are Sweeping Across America

Large popular assemblies are forming and gaining steam across the United States. From Raleigh to Los Angeles, communities on the frontlines are building an independent social movement infrastructure for a coordinated fightback against Trumpism.

The Rojava Embassy: Freedom and Form

In November 2016 the New World Embassy for Rojava was hold in Oslo, Norway. As opposed to conventional state diplomacy, this embassy was guided by principles such as decentralization, stateless and grassroots democracy, municipalism, democratic confederalism, feminism, and ecology.

Commoning and Factory Recuperation

The recuperation of factories does not in itself necessarily indicate steps towards liberation and deepening democratization. To avoid their incorporation into the statist economy or the capitalist market, the recuperated factories should be managed democratically by the communities in which they operate.
Donald Trump

America's Fascist Moment

Though the media did not take him seriously, Donald Trump is a bona fide Fascist. He capitalised on a Fascist moment in America, and widespread confusion about social and political identity. Trump’s defeat can only come through a fortified Left that is both radical and pragmatic