Kobanê Victory Marks the Beginning of the End

Press release by the YPG command of Kobanê

YPG/YPJ commanders and the canton administration have held a press conference to mark the liberation of Kobanê from ISIS forces, according to an article appearing in Özgür Gündem.

YPG Kobanê commander Mahmut Berxwedan addressed those present, saying “Let ISIS know that just as the homes of Kobanê became their graves our villages too will become their graves. Our victory is the beginning of the end of ISIS in this world.”

As YPG/YPJ forces have liberated Kobanê and handed ISIS a historical defeat Mahmut Berxwedan joined with Defense Counsel Assistant Minister Arjin Hozan, Minister from the Kobanê administration Enver Müslüm, People’s Assembly co-President Ayşe Efendi and a number of leaders of different organizations and local fighters in a general press conference. The conference started with a statement from Müslüm read out in Arabic, in which he said “I bow with respect before the memory of all of our martyrs who enabled us to reach this day and who worked to spread peace in the world.”

Müslüm then celebrated the Kobanê city in the name of all YPG/YPJ fighters, the forces of the international coalition, those forces and groups which gave their support, the people from the four parts of Kurdistan and all of those who are on the side of freedom. YPG Kobanê commander Berxwedan then addressed the press, telling those assembled that the liberation of Kobanê was an historic moment.

The Liberation Of Kobanê Falls On A Historical Day

Berxwedan began by reminding those present that the liberation of Kobanê came only a day before the one year anniversary of the proclamation of the Kobanê canton, saying “after a four and a half month resistance we have cleaned Kobanê of the enemies of humanity and the Kurdish people.” He then went on to express his gratitude to all of those who had played a role in the victory and in particular those who had lost their lives, saying “we will continue to walk the path we have charted. We will resist as long as a single piece of our land remains under occupation. We renew this promise. In parallel with this we thank everyone who was responsive to our plight and in particular all of those Kurds who stood by our side. We especially send our thanks and greetings to those who stood guard for us along the Suruç border from the very first day despite every form of difficulty.”

Berxwedan—who then thanked the coalition led by the United States which supported the Kobanê resistance from the air, the FSA forces who fought together with the YPG/YPJ, and the peshmerga forces who supported the resistance with heavy weapons—continued, saying “the liberation of Kobanê fell on a historical day. But our struggle is not over. The threat over Kobanê remains. Our villages remain under occupation and we will continue our advance to liberate these villages. Our struggle will continue until the lands of a democratic Syria have been entirely liberated. To this end we are calling on all of the youth of Rojava and Kobanê to remain with us.

Our Villages Too Will Be A Grave For ISIS

Berxwedan then offered a warning to those present, saying “if we do not liberate our lands we will be forced to live 100 years under ISIS fascism” before adding “Let ISIS know that just as the homes of Kobanê became their graves our villages too will become their graves. Our victory is the beginning of the end of ISIS in this world.”

We Reached This Day Because Of Our Martyrs

Defense Counsel Assistant Minister Arjin Hozan spoke after Berxwedan and also thanked everyone who had supported the resistance. Hozan then offered a special thanks to all of those who had taken ownership of and supported the resistance of women in Kobanê, saying “we have reached this day along the path laid out for us by our martyrs. We owe them a debt of gratitude. We invite all the women of the world to our side. The struggle we are waging is for the liberation of women and of humanity.”

Following the end of the conference those present broke into chants of “Bijî berxwedana YPG/YPJ’ê” and “Bijî berxwedana Kobanê” (Long live the resistance of the YPG/YPJ—long live Kobanê) as fighters fired their weapons into the air in celebration.