Camp Sol Protests in Madrid

Notes from the Camp Sol Protests

At Camp Sol in Madrid, the large protests continue, but what are they really about? From where do they get their inspiration? In these notes, Andy Price reflects on the protests and their commonality with other anti-capitalist experiences in recent times.
Parrot by Ingrid Taylar

You Can’t Just Tweet Oppression Away

Internet-based social media seem to have changed the nature and practice of social activism. Social media can spread information faster and more efficiently than anything that has previously existed. Still, not everything is changed by the new social media.
An organic market

Economics in a Social-Ecological Society

What would economics look like in an ecological society? How might these free communities arrange their livelihood? Peter Staudenmaier addresses these crucial questions and more in attempt to sketch a reconstructive vision of economics in a social-ecological society.
Protests in Madrid

From Arab Spring to Spanish Summer

Since May 15, there has emerged a new protest movement in Madrid, instigated by financial crisis and inspired by the Arab Spring. Here Andy Price offers a participatory account of the fascinating ‘15-M’ movement and the democracy it espouses.
Handing leaflets at communalist election campaign in Oslo 2007

Another Oslo is Possible!

Originally published as the electoral program of Democratic Alternative in Oslo, Norway, this text sketches out why a democratic transformation of a modern capitalist city is necessary. And even more importantly, it offers some practical steps to how it can be done.
A doe staring

Disney Ecology

Is human interaction with the natural world by definition destructive? Building on social ecology’s insights, Peter Staudenmaier suggests that radical environmental activists can help to create and promote a coherent alternative to this Disney Ecology.

Communalism as an evolutionary path

New Compass presents another text by the finnish activist, communalist and human rights worker, Jyri Jaakkola. Jyri wrote several texts on communalism while still active in Finland. This one focuses on the more personal sides of communalism.
A biotechnology researcher works

The Real Scoop on Biofuels

Brian Tokar argues against biofuels as a solution to long-term energy needs on a national or international scale. Not only do the costs of biofuels far outweigh their benefits, he writes, their origins and production exist in fundamental conflict with achieving a sustainable society.
Photo by Stig Marlon Weston. A plant

Popular Assemblies and Confederations

New Compass presents a short text written by Jyri Jaakkola, the Finnish social ecology activist who was shot April last year in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he worked as an international observer on human rights. This text is written as an introduction to communalism.
Peter Singer speaks

Peter Singer and Eugenics

Peter Staudenmaier examines the controversial views of utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer on selective infanticide. Are Singer’s arguments progressive, providing insights for an ethics to guide the left? Or do his views constitute a morally bankrupt position of social prejudice that belong nowhere near us?
Teacher prepared for a protest in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The State of Oaxaca

In 2006 the people in the Mexican state of Oaxaca rose in a rebellion. For a few months the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) took power. Lisa Roth looks back at the democratic dimensions of the rebellion and the situation in Oaxaca today.
Feet on ground

Common Ground in a Liquid City

The only chance the world has for an ecological future is for most of us to live in cities. We must start sharing our resources and land bases, stop spreading out so much, and focus on transportation and energy resources. But for this to make sense people need to be able to make their cities their own.
Jyri Antero Jaakkola

Jyri Jaakkola, presente!

April 27, 2010, our comrade Jyri Jaakkola was shot dead. He was in Mexico to assist an aid caravan on its way to San Juan Copala. This town had proclaimed an autonomous municipality and was suffering from a long blockade by paramilitaries in the region.
Two women going for water in a drought.

Eco-cide in Women’s Bodies

By showing how the domination of women and the poisoning of nature intersects in women’s bodies, Chaia Heller argues, the concept of eco-cide takes on a social dimension which brings racism, classism, colonialism and capitalism into one clear focus—health.
Illustration by Rune Borvik

Arab National Socialism and Anti-Semitism

The casual attitude toward Islamist Jew-hatred is typical of the discourse in Europe. Whereas right-wing Antisemitism justly provokes public indignation, when Muslims express exactly the same Antisemitism it is often ignored or played down as an alleged reaction to the Middle East conflict.