Direct Democracy: Beyond Hierarchy

Through citizen activity, political consciousness can be created and show that direct democracy is a tool for finding and solving problems here and now. This article presents a proposal of direct democracy as a project that goes beyond hierarchy, representation and exploitation.

Social Ecology Gathering in Greece

Are you working on something you wish to present to other fellow social ecologists? For the last two years, the Transnational Institute for Social Ecology has been holding gatherings in Greece. They are now calling for papers for their third conference. The deadline is June 15.

Towards A New Municipal Agenda in Spain?

A new film documents how Spain's new municipalist candidacies won the elections: through their roots in prominent local struggles and willingness to spearhead radical democratic participation. Their program and praxis chime with Bookchin's libertarian municipalism.
what does community mean to you

Communalism: A Liberatory Alternative

The ideas of social ecology, along with the history of the concepts it attempts to grapple with, can be daunting for a reader unfamiliar with the history of radicalism. Luckily, an ambitious pamphlet has recently been published for people newly curious about this body of ideas.
Adam Krause made a collage about the Civil War in American memory

The Secret History of Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a day set aside to remember the many who have died serving in the U.S. Military’s many wars. It may seem like a harmless U.S. holiday, but it is intimately tied to that nation’s history of racism. Let us have a closer look at its historical background.

The Crisis of Democracy in the UK

With government so close to business interests, representative democracy in the UK is losing its legitimacy and ability to explain the world. New Compass spoke a group that organised assemblies across Britain in the run-up to May’s General Election in an attempt to transcend party politics.
Suburban street from the US showing car dependence

Suburbia as an Ecological Challenge

Far too many Americans are dependent on the car, writes Janet Biehl in her contribution to Social Ecology and Social Change. Since the autodependent surburban infrastructure was conciously built, however, it can be conciously unbuilt and replaced by dense, walkable, and humanly scaled cities.
The protest movement demand justice for the 43 students

The 43 Students Demand Change

Between April 17 and May 19, 2015, a delegation from Ayotzinapa, Mexico, visits European cities. Their aim is to raise consciousness about the ongoing struggles in Mexico, and to demand the return of the 43 students that were abducted in September last year.
Norman Rockwell on New England town meeting

Citizens’ Assemblies: From New England to Rojava

Janet Biehl compares the centuries old town meetings of New England and the brand new communes and confederations of Rojava. Both are face-to-face democratic assemblies that take place at the most local level. However, they also differ in important aspects.
Image of women defending Kobane

Kobanê, 1 May 2015

May 1st is the international day to celebrate and struggle for the rights and freedoms of working people. The administration of the Kobanê Canton has issued a statement calling for solidarity and common struggle against oppression, exploitation and terror.
Illustration image from Earth Day 2015

45 Years of Earth Days—A Critical View

April 22nd, 1970, was the first celebration of Earth Day. What is the status of these mobilizations of protest and hope today? In order to renew its promises, Brian Tokar argues, we should look at what really made ecology such a compelling alternative worldview since the 1970s.
Ada Colau runs for Mayor in Barcelona

Is Barcelona on the Verge of a Feminist Revolution?

Something special is happening in Barcelona. At the local elections in May, the citizen platform Barcelona en Comú could snatch control of the city council. If it succeeds, the consequences for the women in cities all over the world could be radical.
Adam Krause made a collage about conflicts over municipal freedoms

The Battle Against Municipal Freedom

Both increased municipal power and increased citizen control of municipalities, are essential for a more democratic and ecological future. Attempts to increase these are often met with resistance. Two recent examples from Texas are particularly illustrative.

Mind Control or Social Control

Politicians are waking up to the prevalence of mental illness in society. But can the talking therapies they espouse ever hope to address the real causes of mental distress? Is a relentless focus on introspection and personal change the way to achieve a sane and healthy society?
Farmers and trade unions protesting against the EU India free trade agreement

International Day of Peasant Struggle

Peasants, landless people and family farmers have organized themselves in the international movement La Via Campesina to reclaim their rights, to defend small-scale agriculture and to have their voices heard at international level. Since 1996 April 17 is their annual global day of action.