No Accident

The recent deaths off the coast of Lampedusa are a gruesome consequence of EU border and immigration control policies that follow the logic of security and restrictionism over human rights and international maritime law.

A Note on Dialectics

In his assessment of Hegel’s philosophy, Herbert Marcuse claimed that dialectic essentially is “the power of negative thinking.” To grasp the actual potentialities of human beings and their societies, the “positive” world of “facts” must be judged by reason. What does this mean?

The Promise of an Unhurried Society

As widespread joblessness bites, paid work is pursued as salvation, no matter how precarious or poorly rewarded. The UK government wants to create a “nation of entrepreneurs”. Genuine democracy is rendered unattainable by the work obsession. What can supply an alternative to work?
Flowers in the City of Venice

The Historical Importance of the City

Why does social ecology advance a distinctly municipal approach? And how do cities provide appropriate political arenas for ecological activism? By looking at the historical importance of the city we can explore the prospects for a vital democratic public sphere today.
Participatory democracy

What Would Real Democracy Look Like?

As representative democracy sinks into crisis, we need to go back to democracy in its original meaning as rule of the people. It is time to imagine what real democracy would look like and to create institutions that could be the building blocks of genuinely democratic societies.
Voting ballot

The Oslo Election Campaign in Retrospective

In 2007 a chapter of the social ecology organization Democratic Alternative participated in the local elections in Oslo, Norway. The election results were very bad, but during the preparations the group reached thousands of new people. Was it worth it?
Control over Water

Citizen Reaction to the Privatization of Water

Thessaloniki’s State-owned water company is on sale. An initiative by the citizens is trying to get control of it in order to keep the price of water low and maintain its quality. Except being a public good, access to water is a fundamental human right recognized by the United Nations
Wisconsin Solidarity

The Past, Present, and Future of Wisconsin Politics

The state of Wisconsin has a contentious political past and represents an extreme example of the political divisions presently wreaking havoc in the United States. With the Tea Party and other right-wing movements on the rise, a closer look at Wisconsin’s political history is instructive.
Rows of desks at a call center

In Praise of Idleness and Other Scandalous Notions

The ascetic virtues of work are now espoused with an almost religious zeal. We must all work harder to pull out of economic crisis, we are told. Combating the new work evangelism requires finding alternatives to work whilst accepting the realities of our post-scarcity societies.
Modern Times With Chaplin

Comedy and Social Change: A Brief Interview

In his new publication from New Compass Press, Adam Krause provocatively claims that comedy is relevant for social activism. What is so funny about politics? What is progressive about humor? Why will the “revolution” be “hilarious”?
Photo of Brian Morris

Pioneers of Ecological Humanism

The ecological critique of industrial capitalism that we take for granted today was formulated by pioneers whose names are almost forgotten. Yet their aspirations and analyses remain remarkably prescient. In his new book, Brian Morris traces their tracks and brings their humanist ideas back to life.
Panel debate organized by Motmakt

Two sides of the same struggle

What can be done to change the way we structure our society, and to stop the enormous climate changes? Can we combine the fight to prevent climate changes with a combat for another society? I strongly believe that these two things can be combined. It is not only possible, it is absolutely necessary.
Picture of David Harvey taken from Guardian video

Has Harvey Become a Libertarian Municipalist?

Recently David Harvey has favorably cited Bookchin and his ideas of participatory democracy and confederalism. We take a closer look at Harvey’s latest book, "Rebel Cities," and ask if he has left his Marxist politics behind and turned to libertarian socialism?
This picture is from a protest against tar sand extraction.

Vermont Towns Say No to Tar Sands Oil

The impacts of the Alberta Tar Sand mining are global in scope, and this “extreme energy” extraction meets increased resistance from many quarters. Recently, citizens of Vermont took a firm stand against the continued expansion of the tar sands catastrophe.
Picture of a Marinaleda mural

The Marinaleda Model

New Compass has visited Marinaleda, a small town in Spain that relies on a completely different model than the rest of the country. What is the “Marinaleda model”, what does it stand for and could it be an alternative way of living in countries in economic crisis?