Citizens in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, express support for an ordinance opposing pipelines. Photo: Lancaster Against Pipelines

An Emerging Movement for Local Democracy

In the U.S., an emerging movement of local communities has set to dismantle corporate power and assert democratic self-government by passing local laws codifying the rights of citizens and communities and banning corporate activities that violate those rights.
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Economic Contradictions and New Opportunities

In their third post on social ecology Korsár and Malmstrõm writes about how the current economic crisis not only creates havoc, but also opportunities for a different social system. Their inspiration comes from David Harvey, Gar Alperovitz, Paul Mason and Jeremy Rifkin.

Inventing the Future, Ignoring the Past

Inventing the Future, currently on radical left reading lists across the UK, offers a strong critique of left organising, defining a ‘folk politics’ the authors believe to be ineffective. But do its proposed solutions throw the baby out with the bathwater?
The Mesopotamian ecology forum presents its aims

The Aims of the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

On April 23 and 24, 2016, the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement (MEM) held its first conference in the city of Wan (Van). One hundred delegates participated, from a variety of Kurdish cities and provinces. We here present their final declaration, which advances a series of social-ecological aims.

Living on the Margins

It seems like everyone has an opinion on 'the migrant crisis'. In this important book Alice Bloch and Sonia McKay centre the voices so often overlooked: those of the undocumented people forced to live in conditions of imposed illegality and oppression in London.

Crowdfunding: a Key to the Future?

Crowdfunding is on the rise and many believe it represents an alternative to capitalism, as well as a way to democratize investments and to allow new ideas to emerge. Is it really so? We will see whether it could be, and also the main criticisms it is facing.

Future Scenarios

What choices do we have to make to create an ecological future? To answer this question we have to imagine different future scenarios as well as the actions that can lead to the realization of them, argues Korsár and Malmström in the second post of their social ecology series.

Ecological Challenges 2017: Call for papers!

Do you want to be part of the biggest social ecology gathering next year? 15-18 February 2017 the second Ecological Challenges conference will take place at the University of Oslo, Norway. We call for papers on the topic of System Change!
A good work ethic...

We’re Running Out of Work—At Last!

In this society, labor is one of the most important things imaginable. Apparently, many people don’t work to afford a more or less bearable life, but rather they live to work. The idea that work ennobles is a widely shared misconception, even on the left.
dimitri roussopoulos staring into the distance

“The People of Rojava are Staging a Social Revolution”

In February 2016 Dimitri Roussopoulos went to Istanbul as part of an international peace delegation. In this interview, he discusses the purpose of that delegation, the dynamic of Turkish-Kurdish relations, the social revolution in Rojava, the PKK and Abdullah Öcalan, the US involvement and the communities of Rojava.

Radical Organizing in the 21st Century

Today we are witnessing a deepening crisis of representation, affecting not only the political parties but also the traditional organizations of the left. Modern radical organizations should therefore adopt new ways of thinking and acting that are more adequate to the current reality.

Reykjavik Rising

During the last week the citizens of Iceland have been outraged with dishonest and hypocritical politicians. The insightful documentary Reykjavik Rising depicts and analyzes what happened the last time the Icelanders got fed up with their politicians, the political system, and the banking system.
Cover explosion for Adam Krause's "The End is Near"

The End is Near

New Compass author Adam Krause recently published a pamphlet on his new imprint Red Earth Press. It discusses the fact that just because people have been predicting the end of humanity for centuries doesn't mean we shouldn't take the environmental apocalypse we now face seriously.
Istanbul social ecology seminar

Social Ecology Seminar in Istanbul

On February 15-16, social ecologists from TRISE traveled to Istanbul to participate in a ten-member peace delegation. In Kadikoy the day before, at a seminar called “Social Ecology and Self-Management,” we discussed libertarian municipalism and the relevance of Bookchin’s ideas.

The Fundamentals of Social Ecology

Social ecologists see capitalism as a driving factor behind environmental destruction and climate change. But they also emphasize that there are other hierarchical social systems that sustain the environmental crisis. This is the first of a series of posts introducing social ecology.