People waving signs for Marco Rossi to be elected mayor of Olympia, Washington

"Our Real Goal Was to Create a Movement"

"I strongly believe that elections should be used to build movements, and not the other way around," says Marco Rossaire Rossi to New Compass. We asked him to reflect on Olympia for All's recent campaign, his own loss as mayoral canididate and future plans.
New Compass contributor Marco Rossaire Rossi gets 27 % of the vote in mayoral election

Olympia for All gets 27 % in Election

New Compass contributor Marco Rossaire Rossi ran as candidate for mayor for the platform Olympia for All in Olympia, Washington. They demanded a range of progressive reforms to the city. Rossi got 27 % of the vote and lost to Cheryl Selby from the Democratic Party.

Politics as Creation: The Greek Polis and Us

The success of the Greek polis democracy was that the Greeks knew that the well-being of the city depended on each and every one of them. Today, as the world is facing a challenge greater than ever in climate change, the well-being of the planet depends on every one of us: not as private individuals, but as citizens involved in political creation.
Change the world!?

Start with Yourself!?

There are some perennial discussions among political friends and flatmates, among them the question of how far your individual behaviour is able to change social relations. Here is an article about uneaten McDonald’s burgers, unworn H&M clothes and unbooked journeys.
Assembly during the participatory budget process under the Genro administration in RS, Brazil

Scaling Up Participatory Budgeting

Is it possible to scale up participatory democracy? In this long article we take a look at the attempt to install participatory budgeting at the state level in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It tells the story of what happened under two different governments and asks what can be learned from their experiences.
The PKK Ban is Hypocrtical

The Social Impacts of the PKK Ban

In Europe today, Kurdish people constitute one of the most organized and political communities. The terror-listing of the PKK by Western states criminalizes ordinary Kurds. However, this hypocrisy also contributes to the increased growth of a conscious, mobilized, activist community.

Reclaiming the Urban Space

In cities across the world different forms of popular resistance are appearing at the grassroots level that aim to reclaim and recreate the urban public space. There is a direct link between these uprisings and movements and the broader project of direct democracy, writes Yavor Tarinski.
Barcode jail

Expanding the Floor of the Cage?

The magic word “revolution” has a big importance in left images and language. But what is attractive about it? Why is it necessary? We certainly don‘t want a revolution because it is cool, but because fundamental social change is necessary. But what is then the role of smaller reforms?
Paris mobilizations

Is the Paris Climate Conference Designed to Fail?

From the end of this month through early December, much of the world’s attention will be focused on Paris, the site of the upcoming round of UN climate negotiations. This is the twenty-first time diplomats and heads of state gather to discuss climate change. Are these negotiations designed to fail?
protests in the streets

Why Internationalist Antinationalism?

Presently, people are divided as “nations” and “peoples.” But our goal is to make all people see that these separations distract them from uniting with each other. In this article, the antinational group Routes Sucrées explain what they mean by international solidarity.
Marching revolutionary workers in Petrograd 1917

On Murray Bookchin's "Third Revolution"

Murray Bookchin’s four-volume "Third Revolution" rescues from historical amnesia the men and women who fought for revolutions that fleetingly spawned radical practices of freedom and democracy. This is a review of volume three, which covers the Russian Revolution from 1917 to 1921.
Under the pavement, the beach!

Searching for Streets of Sugar

Routes Sucrées is a magazine published by a Berlin-based collective. Starting today, Routes Sucrées will contribute regularly to New Compass. We had a talk with activist Leia about Routes Sucrées, radical organizing, and the German Left.
Women's defense in refugee camps

Forget the UN! Meet the Self-Determining Refugees

Rejecting the victim narrative, PKK-supported refugee camps in Kurdistan have taken control of their fates by creating their own autonomous system. Refugees, who have had everything taken away from them, are now creating a life in dignity and power.

Beyond the Growth Doctrine

In order to be able to imagine and to create a society that is not based on constant economic growth, we have to move beyond narrow mechanistic and consumerist thinking. This means to oppose the dominance that the economy has in all spheres of modern life and subordinate it to the political.
Future sculpture

Ecological Modernity versus Capitalist Modernity

An ecological future will not be founded on de-growth nor a rejection of material prosperity. The progress of the Industrial Revolution needs to be accelerated, not halted. Growth is not our enemy. Marco Rosaire Rossi thinks we’re looking at it all wrong.