These are the main themes we want to explore during the Ecological Challenges: Oslo 2014 Conference. 

Climate Change as a Challenge for Democracy
Some claim that democracy is to slow to solve the climate crisis, and that authoritarian measures are necessary to create a greener future. At the conference we will explore the idea of participatory democracy as a counter argument to this claim. How do differences in scale (from the local to the global) decide the ways in which we confront environmental challenges? And what does this mean in terms of strategies for the ecology movement? 

The Politics of Ecology
It is predicted that fifteen years from now over 60 per cent of world’s population will live in large cities. An ecological future will therefore involve the transformation of our cities. What problems does urbanization create and what new possibilities exist for mobilization around environmental issues in an urban setting? How is it possible to green our cities, and how do we organize the ecological city? 

Ecology and Economic Alternatives
Environmental organizations have increasingly become aware of the link between ecological and social issues. In the Nordic countries it is highly unlikely that a green transition will come about without the active support of the labor movement. What does this imply for the way the ecology movement organize, what new alliances are we seeing, and what does this mean in terms of potentiality to organize with other movements? 

New Movements, New Possibilities
This conference is a rare event in that it involves both academics who are working on these themes, as well as activists from the ecology movement. We organize the event on the assumption that activists from the movements can benefit from a theoretical reflection on its positions and practice, and that academics can benefit from discussing their research with these actors and to contend with the movement perspectives. Still we raise the question of how this can happen in practice? What kinds of movement do we need? What are the prospects for ecological change?

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