Key speakers

Carla Lipsig Mumme to speak at the Ecological Challenges conference in Oslo

Carla Lipsig-Mummé

Carla Lipsig-Mummé, Professor of Work and Labour Studies at York University (Canada), is a leading scholar on work and climate change. Her latest publications include Climate@Work and the forthcoming Work in a Warming World. Lipsig-Mummé comes to Oslo to speak about the challenges and potentials of mobilizing labour in the struggle for an ecological transition.

 Brian Tokar to speak at the Ecological Challenges conference

Brian Tokar

Brian Tokar has been an author, activist and a well-known critical voice for ecological activism since the 1980s. He is currently the director of the Institute for Social Ecology and Lecturer in Environmental Studies at University of Vermont (USA). Among his books are Earth For Sale and Toward Climate Justice. At the conference Tokar will talk about the relationship in between climate change and democracy.

Dimitri Rousoppous to speak at the Ecological Challenges conference

Dimitri Roussopoulos

Dimitri Roussopoulos is an author, editor and activist with over fifty years of experience from various social movements. Currently he is president of the Taskforce on Municipal Democracy of the City of Montreal. Roussopoulos will talk about the deadlocked national and international efforts to reduce environmental deterioration and the urgent need to transform urban societies into ecological and democratic cities.


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